OpenAI Founder and CEO Sam Altman Gets Fired by Board Members

Sam Altman has been fired from OpenAI with immediate effect

  • OpenAI has fired its CEO Sam Altman from the company.
  • Sam was among the founding members of OpenAI and has been associated with them for over 8 years.
  • OpenAI board members said that they no longer had the confidence in Sam Altman to lead the company.

OpenAI has been the pioneer in bringing the power of AI tools to end consumers through services like ChatGPT and DALL-E. The organization is one of the most advanced entities in the world of AI and also holds a strong partnership with Microsoft which implements OpenAI’s features in Windows and Bing.

In a shocking announcement, OpenAI has fired its founder and CEO Sam Altman after a decision from the board members. Sam has been the face of the company across the world since OpenAI started gaining popularity with the launch of ChatGPT.

Sam Altman Gets Fired as CEO of OpenAI

In a public statement, OpenAI announced a transition in its leadership roles and has fired Sam Altman from the position of Chief Executive Officer of the company. Mira Murati, the Chief Technical Officer of OpenAI will take over the CEO position temporarily, while the company finds a new permanent CEO.

OpenAI in its official statement mentions that the organisation is committed to developing AI for the benefit of humanity. However, Sam Altman’s communications with the board members were not candid, and the company does not have confidence in his ability to keep leading OpenAI.

After a deliberative review process, the board members not only decided to remove Sam from the CEO position but proceeded to deport him from the company entirely effective immediately. As of now, Sam Altman is no longer associated with OpenAI by any means.

The news is surprisingly shocking as Sam Altman has been the face of OpenAI, and has been conducting several sessions globally to promote the development of AI. He is also highly respected for building OpenAI to the position where the company stands today.

Sam has not announced his upcoming move yet. He took to Twitter to announce that he enjoyed his stint at OpenAI in working with all the talented people at the company. However, it still does not clearly answer the exact plausible reason for his exit.

Internet Specualtes Reasons For Sam Altman’s Exit From OpenAI

The internet is surely not happy with OpenAI firing Sam. The official announcement mentions that Sam’s lack of communication with the board was the reason for deporting him from the company, which sounds more like corporate-esque slang while the reality is different.

Several online forums started speculating the possible reasons for this extreme move. A Y-Combinator forum mentions that OpenAI was facing several security issues. The company recently suffered a DDoS attack which resulted in a major downtime.

Shortly after, OpenAI paused adding new paid subscribers to ChatGPT, preventing additional users from accessing the advanced GPT4. A day later, Sam gets fired from the company.

Another theory from Reddit states that Sam was aggressively scaling up the operations of OpenAI without focusing on the security of its services. Some allege that OpenAI’s business decisions were diverting from its original vision and were becoming fame-driven under Sam’s leadership.