Oppo A53 Battery Explodes in the Pocket of Indian User

The rear panel of the OPPO A53 seems to be devastatingly burned due to the explosion.

If you own an OPPO A53 smartphone then this could be crucial news for you. An OPPO A53 users in Delhi has faced the consequences of buying a smartphone that arrives with a massive 5,000mAh battery. According to a recent video shared on YouTube by channel name Technical Dost, an OPPO A53 has been exploded in the pocket of an Indian consumer resulting in serious injuries. The video has explained everything about the incident will all the shreds of evidence. Let’s have a closer look at the OPPO A53 explosion news.

Update: We have reached out to Oppo India for a statement. We will update the story as soon as we receive a response.

Oppo A53 Battery Explosion

The video shared by the YouTube channel shows the condition of the phone post-explosion and the injuries faced by the user. The rear panel of the OPPO A53 seems to be devastatingly burned due to the explosion. According to the video, the users is an Auto driver and he’s claiming that he uses the phone for only calling purpose and serving the internet. Moreover, he has also shown the original charger of the phone which he used to charge the phone. According to the purchase invoice, the OPPO A53 was purchased back in August 2020 and the handset is still under warranty.

You can check out the video from the given below embedded link. The YouTube video shows that the user has injuries on his legs. Looking at the device we can conclude that the explosion must be a bad one that has caused soo much damage. The company is yet to make any official statement about the incident, nor it has acknowledged the reason behind the explosion. A few years back when Samsung Galaxy S7 faced the same issue most of the airlines has restricted the use of the smartphone while flying.

Let’s see what OPPO has to say about the A53 explosion incident in India and how it’s going to make users understand the reason behind it.

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