Indian Government Introduces National Creator’s Awards: What Is It, Eligibility, and More

  • The Indian Government has introduced the National Creators Awards to celebrate influencers and creators.
  • The Awards include over 20 categories and include creators from several niches.
  • The National Creators Awards is now accepting nominations and this will go on until February 21.

The Indian government has introduced the National Creators Award to honour modern influencers and creators. It aims to recognise creators contributing to positive social change and shaping India’s culture.

The award will honour creators from various niches like storytelling, social change advocacy, technology, education, gaming, and more. Here’s everything you need to know about the National Creator’s Awards.

National Creator’s Awards: Categories

The Awards feature 20 categories framed to showcase the accomplishments of content creators and influencers in the digital realm. Here’s a rundown of all the categories.

  • Best Storyteller Award: Recognising creators who skillfully depict India’s cultural heritage through inventive storytelling, contributing to its preservation and promotion.
  • Disruptor of the Year: Honouring creators who challenge conventional norms and bring about significant innovation or change in their respective fields.
  • Celebrity Influencer of the Year: Identifying influential figures who use their celebrity status to drive positive change and create impactful content resonating with their audience.
  • Green Champion Award: Honouring influencers championing environmental protection, sustainability, and eco-friendly practices.
  • Best Creator for Social Change: Acknowledging creators leveraging their platforms for social and charitable causes, inclusivity, empowerment, and other positive initiatives.
  • Most Impactful Agri Creator: Honouring creators educating, critiquing, and showcasing new farming techniques and equipment to benefit the agricultural sector.
  • Cultural Ambassador of the Year: Identifying individuals showcasing Indian culture through diverse content across various cultural aspects, promoting cultural richness and diversity.
  • International Creator Award: Honouring influencers abroad contributing to augmenting India and soft power globally.
  • Best Travel Creator Award: Honouring creators spotlighting India’s tourism potential through content, shedding light on the country’s attractions and travel experiences.
  • Swachhta Ambassador Award: Acknowledging creators actively advocating for cleanliness and hygiene practices, fostering awareness and promoting healthier living habits.
  • New India Champion Award: Acknowledging influencers showcasing India and raising awareness about government policies and nation-building initiatives.
  • Tech Creator Award: Honouring influencers for simplifying technology, offering insights, reviews, and recommendations on the latest innovations and gadgets.
  • Heritage Fashion Icon Award: Recognising creators endorsing local clothing brands and commemorating India’s sartorial heritage.
  • Most Creative Creator (Male and Female): Recognising influencers offering entertaining and socially impactful content.
  • Best Creator in Food Category: Commending content creators for curating, analysing, and producing culinary content showcasing India’s rich and diverse food culture.
  • Best Creator in Education Category: Honouring educational creators providing informative content to learners.
  • Best Creator in Gaming Category: Recognising creators engaging with their audience through gameplay, reviews, or esports commentary.
  • Best Micro Creator: Acknowledging micro-influencers having a significant impact in their niche despite having a smaller audience.
  • Best Nano Creator: Recognising nano-creators engaging, interacting, and fostering personal connections with their audience.
  • Best Health and Fitness Creator: Honouring creators focusing on health, wellness, fitness, and encouraging healthier lifestyles through their content.

National Creator’s Awards: Eligibility Criteria

Here’s what needs to be kept in mind before applying.

  • Participants must be 18 or older.
  • There are nineteen Indian categories while one is open for international digital creators.
  • Content should be published on one or more digital platforms: Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook.
  • Content can be submitted in English or any other Indian language.

National Creator’s Awards: Nomination Process

The nominations have begun and you can do so via the National Creator’s Awards website until February 21. Here are the details to know.

  • Self-Nomination: Creators have the option to nominate themselves, providing links to eligible content on digital platforms, a concise description of the content, and any additional supporting reasons as stipulated by the nomination form.
  • Nomination Limits: Creators may self-nominate in up to three categories, while those nominating others can submit nominations across all 20 categories.
  • Follower Count Evaluation: The count of followers or subscribers will be considered as of February 9th, 2024.

Following this, the content will be evaluated and reviewed by a jury, and a winner from each category will be chosen based on the jury’s decision and public voting.