This Popular iOS 16 Feature is Draining Battery on iPhones When Enabled

Apple introduced many new iOS 16 features, most of which were not mentioned during the keynote.


Apple rolled out iOS 16 in September for eligible models. The new iPhone software update was announced earlier this year at WWDC 2022. Apple has rolled out the iOS update with many new features while tweaking some of the existing features to enhance the user experience. The highlight feature of iOS 16 has been the new lock screen customisation update. Apple also introduced many new features, most of which were not mentioned during the keynote. One such feature is keyboard haptics.

Apple quietly introduced haptic feedback for its keyboard with the new iOS update. What is Keyboard haptics? These are small vibrations that you get as feedback instantly when you type something using the native keyboard. The feature has been available on several Android smartphones for years. While keyboard haptics is a great addition, it is causing battery problems for iPhone users.

iOS 16 Keyboard Haptics Feature is Causing Battery Drain

Apple has officially acknowledged that enabling keyboard haptics might have an effect on the battery life for iPhone users who have updated to iOS 16. The feature was rolled out with iOS 16 and gives users the option to enable physical feedback in the form of vibrations along with sound. Users can choose to enable or disable both options for feedback.

Apple, in its support document, did not provide any additional details about the amount of battery life consumed by the feature. Therefore, if keyboard haptics is consuming a lot of battery on your iPhone, it is best to disable the feature in the Settings app. To do so, go to Settings > Sounds & Haptics > Keyboard Feedback > Tap on the toggle to enable or disable it.

It is also worth noting that Keyboard Haptics is automatically not disabled even when Low Power Mode is enabled. This is unlike some of the battery-consuming iOS features, which get disabled or work with limited functionality once low-power mode kicks in.

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