PS5s, iPhones, Laptops Worth 2.5 Crores Seized By Delhi Customs, Items Were Misdeclared as Household Goods

Delhi Customs ACC Export Commissioner has seized iPhones, PS5s, and laptops worth Rs 2.50 Crore. All you need to know.


PS5 was launched back in the fall of 2020 and it took its sweet time to hit the Indian market, even after launching in the country only a handful of users were able to grab the device. The restock of the gaming console is still uncertain and amid all this, a piece of jaw-dropping news surfaced on the web. Delhi Customs Twitter handle has shared a post suggesting that ACC Export Commissioner has seized gadgets and consoles worth Rs 2.50 Crore. Yes! You read it correctly and this news is not fake because the official Twitter handle has shared all the pictures of the devices which are seized by the customs officers. Let’s have a closer look at the news.

iPhone 12, PS5, and More Seized by Delhi Customs

The Twitter post claimed that the Delhi Customs officer has inspected and seized 222 models of iPhone 12. That’s not the end, the list also includes 173 used laptops, 10 Sony PlayStation 5 models which are next to impossible to grab in India, 4391 bottles of bodybuilding supplements and cosmetics.

The overall value of all the products is Rs 2.50 Cr. According to the report, the goods were misdeclared as household goods from Dubai, but the scenario was completely different when the customs officers searched the entire consignment.

“SIIB, ACC Export Commissionerate intercepted & seized 222 Iphones of various models, 173 used laptops, 4391 bottles of food supplements, 10 Sony PS 5 & cosmetics with an overall market value of around Rs 2.50Cr at NCT, Delhi. Goods were misdeclared as household goods from Dubai,” reads the tweet.

The amount of laptops, iPhones, and PS5 is insane and it seems that whomsoever has taken the risk of getting it transported from Dubia didn’t know about the customs regulations. Now the question is what Delhi Custom is going to do with the consignment.

Many users are asking on the thread about the auction, but sadly that’s the last option. The consignee can redeem all the gadgets and supplements just by paying the customs duty but along with that, he has to pay the fine and penalty as per the adjudication order.