PUBG: New State Confirmed to Launch in India, Pre Registration Opened on Google Play Store and App Store

PUBG New State is now available on the App Store and Google Play Store for Pre-Registration.


After weeks of lying in anticipation, fans of PUBG in India can now rest easy knowing that the highly-anticipated PUBG: New State will indeed be released in the country. PUBG: New State is the sequel to the gigantic hit that was PUBG Mobile and is a brand-new take that features a new map, new vehicles, and all sorts of battle royale craziness.

The game is now available for pre-registration on the Google Play Store for Android devices and the App Store for iOS devices. This is positively amazing news for Indian fans as New State is easily one of the most exciting upcoming projects in the mobile gaming space and Indian fans, for the longest time, presumed they won’t be able to experience it.

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PUBG New State now available for pre-registration for Android and iOS

PUBG New State

The Indian audience reacted quite positively to the news of PUBG New State, and Krafton has been hard at work trying to bring the game to the country, Executive Producer Minkyu Park, said:

“Knowing that PUBG IP from KRAFTON is enjoying countrywide popularity in India and our Indian fans have high interest in the launch of PUBG: NEW STATE in India, we at PUBG STUDIOS are doing our best to offer a battle royale experience only we can deliver based on the stable service for our Indian fans.”

One of the claims that New State makes is that it will look to provide the most realistic gunplay in mobile gaming. That is a significantly bold game, since the other alpha dog, Call of Duty Mobile, might have something to say about that. It will be interesting to see how New State shakes things up and whether it is able to bring significant changes to the gunplay and basic mechanics of the game.

PUBG New State

The game takes place in 2051, so naturally, things will be a little different from how players might know it from PUBG Mobile or Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). New State features an all-new map in the near-futuristic setting of TROI and is decidedly distinct from the previous outings of the series. The near-futuristic aesthetic of PUBG: New State goes far beyond just the cosmetics and appearances as the game features a whole new range of weapons, vehicles, and improvements and changes to the gunplay.

The visuals of New State have also been the center of attention as the game now uses tech such as global illumination technology, which trumps everything that was previously possible in mobile gaming. PUBG: New State is the evolution of the battle royale genre the original game was instrumental in pioneering and from the looks of it, it looks poised and destined to be as big a title as the original.

Krafton has been investing heavily in the Indian esports, entertainment and IT – with several major investments in leading Indian esports company NODWIN Gaming and the streaming platform Loco.