PUBG New State Mobile Limited-Time Missions Introduced with New Challenges and Rewards

These new objectives can be found in the Main Menu of the game.


PUBG New State Mobile is providing players with an extra set of rewards for completing new Limited-Time Missions. Players can view these objectives on the main menu and complete said objectives for rewards such as Chicken Medals and Royale Chest Ticket.

Objectives include:

  1. Play for a Total of 80 Minutes
  2. Play for a Total of 190 Minutes
  3. Play for a Total of 250 Minutes

Rewards include 1x Chicken Medal, 2x Chicken Medal, and 1x Royale Chest Ticket. Players looking to bag some extra rewards over the weekend might want to check out these new objectives. PUBG New State Mobile is available for free download on iOS and Android on the App Store and the Google Play Store respectively.

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Limited-Time Missions Now Available in PUBG New State Mobile

New State Mobile has recently rolled out an optional update for users – iOS users will be able to download the new update today 1:10 UTC from the App Store. The new update fixes minor issues such as buildings, maps, surroundings, and geographical features appearing abnormally on the map.

Additionally, it also fixes major issues such as the game shutting down on low-end devices and item names being shown incorrectly. The most recent content update in New State Mobile arrived on 16 June and it brings a ton of new elements to the game such as new Weapon Customization for the Micro UZI (C2) and M16A4 (C2).

The map, TROI, also received new improvements, including a new Tram Arrival Indicator, which highlights when a Tram has arrived at a station. Certain parts of the map will now have improved terrains – such as Loganville, which now has a ledge and improved hills.

Bumpy terrains are added at the bottom and on the right side of the Mall along with new covers at the top of the hill. In BR: Original mode for Erangel and Troi, later phases will inflict greater damage depending on how far the player is from the safe zone.