Realme Android 10 Roadmap Announced, Roll Out Starts in Q1 2020; Realme X, 5 Pro To Get First


Realme has finally announced its Android 10 rollout roadmap for China. The company’s official community website has posted an image which has provided us with the complete details about the rollout schedule.

During the launch of the Realme XT in India, the company had already revealed its roadmap for the Android 10 rollout to its devices for the country and now, the company has officially revealed a similar roadmap for the Chinese devices as well.

Realme Android 10 roadmap (Android Q Adaptation Program)

realme android 10 rollout roadmap

In order to bring you a better and more advanced product experience, we will gradually upgrade the Android Q for the realme mobile phone that has been released as planned.

As it turns out, Realme X, Realme X Youth Edition, and Realme Q (Realme 5 Pro in India) will be the first device to taste the latest iteration of Android. These three devices will receive the Android 10 update in Q1, 2020.

The second batch of Realme devices to receive Android devices will consist of Realme X2 and the recently launched Realme X2 Pro. Both these devices will receive the update somewhere in Q2, 2020.

Though one of the prime highlights of Android 10 is the ever-popular dark mode, Realme has been swift enough to roll out the same in the majority of its devices, both in India as well as in China.

The feature has already arrived in Realme C2, Realme 3 Pro, Realme 5 Pro/Realme Q, Realme 1 and Realme U1 and finally the Realme XT (or the Realme X2) has also started receiving the same in the latest October security patch.

Here is the full changelog of the latest Realme X2 update for reference –

Version number:


Update log:


● Join the October security patch


● Add dark mode

● Added realme lab

● Add desktop drop-down to open the notification center function

● Add a new flow card quick switch

● Red dot prompt switch after adding application update

● Remove the blue bar from the status bar after turning on the hotspot

● After removing the root, the red bar in the notification bar prompts

● Charging animation update, showing two decimal places

● Add left and right swipe to delete notification banner window


● Added proactive super night view function

● Optimized after shooting super night scene effect

● Optimize portrait redness

● Optimize some scene AF out of focus

● Solve the problem of recording video jam after turning on super anti-shake


● Solve the problem of Karton when the three-finger operation of QQ speed


● Solve the problem of the low probability splash screen when watching short videos

● After changing the color simulation space setting, the screen color mode cannot be switched to the soft mode problem

● Solve the problem that the dial pad has a low probability of darkening

As of now, this is all we know about the update roadmap, but we are sure to receive further intel on the upcoming Android 10 update for the Realme devices (which is going to be based on ColorOS7) in the coming days.

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