Samsung Galaxy A42 5G Battery Gets BIS Certification, Hints at Possible India Launch of the Phone

The Samsung Galaxy A42 5G will likely launch in India, as its battery has now been spotted on the Indian BIS certification website.


Samsung will reportedly launch its Samsung Galaxy A42 5G smartphone in 2021 and there is a lot of time left for the device to hit commercial shelves. The device is supposedly going to be an affordable 5G handset by the company. As it turns out, the Samsung Galaxy A42 5G might be making its way to India alongside its global release, as its battery has now been certified on the Indian BIS certification website. Take a look at the BIS certification for the Samsung Galaxy A42 5G smartphone and find out what we know about the device so far.

Samsung Galaxy A42 5G to possibly launch in India as well; BIS listing suggests

Galaxy A42 5G Battery BIS

As seen in the certification image above, the battery of the Samsung Galaxy A42 5G (with the model number EB-BA426ABY) has appeared on the BIS certification website, which could very well mean that the device will indeed come to India whenever the brand plans on unveiling it. The device itself has not been certified yet, but this is a start nonetheless. Another important thing worth noticing is that previous reports surrounding the Samsung Galaxy A42 5G suggest that in India, Samsung will likely launch a 4G-only variant of the Samsung Galaxy A42. While this has not been confirmed, this is currently the word on the market. Coming to the specifications of the device, the Samsung Galaxy A42 5G is said to feature 128GB internal storage. The device is tipped to come in gray, black, and white color options.

For now, this is pretty much all the intel that we have surrounding the upcoming Samsung Galaxy A42 5G, but we will keep an eye on the device and keep you posted if we receive any more information on the same. What are your thoughts on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy A42 5G? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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