Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Live Shots Emerge Through NCC Certification Website Ahead of Launch

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 has received the NCC certification, which showcases it in all its glory.


Samsung is working on launching its Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 alongside the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series and the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 smartphones. The word in the market is that Samsung will unveil these products on August 5, 2020. Yesterday, we were able to spot the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 (with the model numbers SM-R845F and SM-R850) on the company’s official support page in India, which hinted that the watch would indeed launch in the Indian market. Today, we have spotted the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 on the NCC certification website, which showcases the watch in all its glory. Not only that, but it also reveals some of its key specifications and features of the watch. Take a look.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 visits NCC; little room for guesswork now

As seen in the NCC certification images, this is what the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 will look like. There will be two buttons on the right side of the crown, while the left side will have none. According to these images, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 will come with EP-OR825 charger with 5W wireless charging support. As a matter of fact, the proprietary charger for the watch has also received the NCC certification. The certification only shows a single Black color strap, but we are more than certain that the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 will come in more color variants for the strap.

Other than the images and the charging speed, the NCC certification does not tell us anything else about the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3. That being said, as per the previous leaks, we know that there will be a 45mm LTE variant of the watch and a 41mm Wi-Fi variant as well. We have made a list of all the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 variants which are set for launch:

  • 45mm Black Titanium BT
  • 45mm Black Stainless Steel BT
  • 45mm Black Stainless Steel LTE
  • 45mm Silver Stainless Steel BT
  • 45mm Silver Stainless Steel LTE
  • 41mm Silver Stainless Steel BT
  • 41mm Silver Stainless Steel LTE
  • 41mm Bronze/Gold Stainless Steel BT
  • 41mm Bronze/Gold Stainless Steel LTE

This is everything we know about the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 as of now, but since the launch date is not too far from now, we can expect to hear more about the same in the coming days. Whenever we do, we will keep you posted. What are your thoughts on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Watch 3? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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