Samsung One UI 6.1 Tipped to Bring AI Features to Wallpapers, Photos, Notes, and More

AI-generated wallpapers will work similar to what we saw with the Pixel 8 series.

  • AI will let users relocate objects in photos and expand the canvas size.
  • Messy notes can be organized and made cleaner to look at via AI.
  • AI will offer the ability to re-edit, move, or remove added objects without reverting the photo to its original form.

Samsung is updating supported devices to the latest One UI 6.0 Android 14 update as early as possible but at the same time, it is also working on the next important update One UI 6.1. The release timeline for the same is unknown but a fresh leak shared glimpses of what to expect. The tipster reveals One UI 6.1 will focus heavily on AI-powered features. These changes will come to many commonly used features like wallpapers, photos, notes, and more.

Samsung One UI 6.1 AI Features Leaked

X user @BennettBuhner has shared a thread detailing One UI 6.1 AI-powered features along with alleged screenshots. Samsung is set to bring AI-generated wallpapers to Galaxy devices, similar to the Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro. Screenshots reveal wallpapers can be generated using different preset prompt categories.

One of the prompts is shown as, “A hazy image of lavender plants on a backdrop of red space galaxy”. It also has a Surprise Me button where a random wallpaper will be generated each time. Samsung will further let users add weather and portrait effects on the lock screen. Some of the options include sunny, cloudy, rainy, snowy, and evening.

Photos Editor is another app that will get a taste of AI features. One UI 6.1 is said to allow users to relocate objects in scenes. A photo can also be expanded beyond its borders where AI will fill the extended area according to the original photo. Objects can be moved around in the photo by touching and holding them.

One interesting feature coming to Photos is the ability to revert changes even when you are finished editing. Users currently have to reset the photo to its original form if they wish to undo any of the edits. One UI 6.1 will make it possible to move, re-edit, or remove any of the drawings or decorations added to the photo.

Samsung Notes application will get the ability to organize notes with the help of AI. The app will essentially convert your notes in an easy-to-read and understandable format. Other changes coming with One UI 6.1 are support for isolating audio and video in louder environments, moving subjects from one image to another, and enhanced battery protection.

Samsung has already confirmed officially that it will bring AI-powered live translation to calls. AI Live Translate Call will be available on Samsung’s native caller app and is powered by Galaxy AI. The translation is said to take place on-device to maintain user privacy. The team is working on many more Galaxy AI features that could arrive early next year. It is believed the next-gen Galaxy S24 series will be the first one to come loaded with these new features.