Snapdragon Conquest New State Mobile Invitational Announced: Participating Teams, Prize Pool and More Revealed

Here is all you need to know about the Snapdragon Conquest New State Mobile Invitational event.


The majority of the Indian gaming community is left dejected after BGMI’s suspension in the country. As a result, other games in the market like New State Mobile are seeing their fortunes and gaining new users each day. Following the game’s ban, there are no major esports tournaments happening similar to BGMI events.

Several third-party events are taking place, and it should be noted that the official New State event, which was intended to take place, has been postponed, with no new dates announced. However, tournament organisers and sponsors are interested in learning more about the game. Let us take a comprehensive look at the next major New State events.

Snapdragon Conquest is gearing up to host an Invitational tournament of New State Mobile in India. The competition will see India’s best teams locking horns against each other which will bring back the nostalgic moments of BGMI esports.

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Snapdragon Conquest New State Invitational Format, Prize Pool and More

The event is officially announced on the social media handles of Snapdragon Conquest and earlier today, the list of all invited teams has been revealed. A total of 32 teams are set to partake in the event which boasts a prize pool of Rs 5 lakh. The event will be managed by Tesseract Esports, the event will be from 7 December to 18 December.

The tournament will take place in three different stages and the format can be seen below:

  • League Stage (7 to 10 December): All 32 teams will be divided into four groups with eight teams each. The league stage will be played in a Round-Robin format out of which 24 top teams will advance to the next stage.
  • Semi-Finals(15 to 16 December): The 24 qualified teams will be placed into three groups of eight teams each. Three groups will play the Semi-Finals stage in a round-robin format for two days. ( five matches per day). The top 16 teams will be advanced to the Grand Finals.
  • Grand Finals(17 to 18 December): The grand finals will feature 16 top teams and the finals will be played for two days. (five matches per day). The team which tops the overall standings after Day 2 will be declared the champion.

The rulebook of the event can be viewed by clicking here. Following is the list of teams that are invited to participate in the event:

  1. Chemin Esports
  2. Bad Devil
  3. Big Brother Esports
  4. Blind Esports
  5. Aslaaa Esports
  6. Direct Rush
  7. FS Esports
  8. Enigma Gaming
  9. Esportswala
  10. Global Esports
  11. Godlike Esports
  12. Gods Reign
  13. Hyderabad Hydras
  14. Marcos Gaming
  15. NexGen
  16. NS Esports
  17. Oath Esports
  18. Reckoning Esports
  19. Revenant Esports
  20. Skylightz Gaming
  21. Team 8-Bit
  22. Team Celtz
  23. Team IND
  24. Team iNSANE Esports
  25. Team Tamilas
  26. Team XO
  27. TKS Officials
  28. True Ripper Esports
  29. TWOB
  30. Undeadflame Esports
  31. R Esports
  32. Udog India

Prize Pool Distribution

The prize pool of Rs 5 lakh is distributed among the teams as follows:

  • 1st place – Rs 1,50,000
  • 2nd place – Rs 75,000
  • 3rd place – Rs 50,000
  • 4th place – Rs 40,000
  • 5th place – Rs 35,000
  • 6th place – Rs 30,000
  • 7th place – Rs 25,000
  • 8th place – Rs 20,000
  • 9th place – Rs 12,500
  • 10th place – Rs 12,500
  • 11th place – Rs 10,000
  • 12th place – Rs 10,000
  • 13th place – Rs 7,500
  • 14th place – Rs 7,500
  • 15th place – Rs 7,500
  • 16th place – Rs 7,500

Catch the LIVE action of the event on Snapdragon Conquest Youtube Channel on 7th Dec at 5:00 PM IST.

ESL India also announced an open tournament of New State Mobile with a whopping Rs 1 crore prize pool whose registrations are now live.

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