Apple Has ‘No Definite Timeline’ For Foldable iPad, Prioritising OLED Displays Instead: Report

Apple will shift its iPad Pros to OLED displays, according to Nikkei Asia.

  • A Nikkei Asia report suggests Apple will switch its two iPad Pro models to OLED displays in early 2024.
  • The first MacBook featuring an OLED display is not set for release until at least the “second half of 2025.”
  • However, Apple is also considering foldable iPads once the transition to OLED is complete.

Foldable smartphones and even laptops are on the rise lately. But Apple is not competing in this race, at least for now. A supply chain report from Nikkei Asia suggests that Apple is working on transitioning its two iPad Pro models to OLED displays in early 2024, followed by the rest of the lineup. It also adds that the so-called ‘foldable iPad’ has no definite timeline and the wait will continue.

Citing unnamed industry sources, the report states that the first Macbook with an OLED display will not be released until at least the “second half of 2025.” The report also reveals that an OLED MacBook is being developed, but it has no other details about the same.

Over the last year, conflicting stories have arisen regarding the MacBook model slated to be the first to utilise OLED technology. According to renowned Apple analyst Ross Young, the Macbook Air will lead this shift, with Apple actively working on a 13.4-inch OLED display designed for this device. If Apple adopts the OLED display, then the MacBook will be able to compete more effectively with Windows counterparts.

Apple’s Foldable Plan: Why is it Taking so Long?

According to the latest rumour, Apple is now focusing on converting the iPad portfolio to OLED technology, with no specific date established for its plans for foldable iPads. It adds that Apple is considering introducing foldable iPads once the transition to OLED is complete. Previously, Young predicted that Apple would not release a foldable device before 2025 at the earliest. He also mentioned Apple’s investigation into a 20.5-inch foldable notebook.

Despite conflicting rumours, a common thread implies that Apple will likely release a foldable iPad, before attempting to introduce a foldable iPhone.

Though Apple has never talk about it, the Cupertino-tech giant will explore foldable smartphones and tablets in the future as several iPhone patents and conceptual designs from third-party designers indicate. Of course, the actual release will take time, and there’s a good reason for this.

Apple is unlikely to introduce a product until it is absolutely sure about it. It is known to test products for many, many years before they make it available to the consumer. For instance, even though the Apple Watch was announced in 2015, its development reportedly started back in 2011. So yes, the foldable iPhones and iPads will likely follow a similar trajectory and the wait will continue for some time.