First POCO Tablet Might be in Works as Stylus Pen Spotted on FCC

  • POCO, so far, hasn’t forayed into categories apart from Smartphones and TWS.
  • Xiaomi recently unveiled the Redmi Stylus for Pad.

POCO appears to be planning to enter the Android tablet product category. We have spotted the upcoming POCO Stylus Pen with model number 2407CMPBCG on the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) certification database. The FCC certification listing reveals the design of the POCO Stylus Pen. Take a look at the details.

The POCO Stylus Pen, as seen in the FCC database listing, appears to have a design similar to that of the Apple Pencil. The listing reveals that the Stylus Pen will operate in the 2402-2480MHz frequency range and will have software version Kwak_Pen_FW_User_V0.0.6.

The POCO Stylus Pen’s model number, 2407CMPBCG, doesn’t match the model numbers of the Xiaomi Stylus Pen and Stylus Pen (2nd Gen). For those unaware, the Xiaomi Stylus Pen and Stylus Pen (2nd Gen) have the model numbers M2107K81PC and 23031MPADC.

This means that the upcoming POCO Stylus isn’t a rebrand of the existing Xiaomi Stylus Pens on the market; it will be a new product.

Redmi Stylus For Pad Debuts Silently

Also, we noticed a Redmi Stylus with the model number 24048MP07G on the FCC certification website. After digging further, we found that the company has silently introduced the Redmi Stylus, which is compatible with the Redmi Pad and the Redmi Pad SE.