Tecno Phantom Vision V Concept Folding Phone with a Slidable Display Showcased

Tecno revealed that the foldable display can be 10.1-inch diagonally tall after it rolls and slides out from the left.

  1. The Phantom Vision V features aerospace-grade titanium alloy.
  2. The concept foldable phone does not have any hole-punch or cutout on any display.
  3. The Phantom Vision V, in total, has three displays.

Tecno has unveiled a new concept phone globally. The company has showcased its Tecno Phantom Vision V, which is a foldable smartphone with a slidable display. The company uploaded a short video on its social media accounts to highlight the key features of the concept phone. The foldable phone has a diagonally tall foldable display that extends further to offer an even larger 10.1-inch display.

Tecno’s concept foldable phone does not have any hole-punch cutout or notch at the top of the inner display. In fact, the concept foldable phone has three displays, one of which is a multi-functional screen on the back panel. Let’s take a look at more details about the Tecno Phantom Vision V concept foldable phone showcased globally.

Tecno Phantom Vision V Concept

The Tecno Phantom Vision V is the latest foldable phone showcased globally. Unfortunately, it is only a concept as of now and there is no official word about Vision V’s launch. The company has, however, shared some details about the Vision V foldable phone. The highlight feature, of course, is the foldable display. Tecno did not reveal much about the hardware.

What we know so far is that the foldable screen extends further from the left side to offer more screen estate. Tecno revealed that the foldable display can be 10.1-inch diagonally tall after it rolls and slides out from the left. The inner display does not have any cutouts and the bezels too are barely visible. In fact, the left side of the display curves onto the side, giving us the Galaxy S7 Edge series vibes.

The concept foldable phone has 11-in-1 functional layers for the display. It also uses an aerospace-grade titanium alloy for better durability. The rear panel has a tiny multi-function display below the triple-camera setup. On the front, there is a tall cover display without any hole punch or cutouts at the top. The bezels, again, are next to non-existent. Tecno did not reveal the size of the front display.

As mentioned above, the foldable phone is just a concept and is unlikely to hit markets before Tecno tests out the device internally and makes it commercial-ready. The concept, however, arrives as proof of innovative hardware that Tecno has to offer or can develop in the near future.

The company is gradually stepping into the pricier smartphone categories. It recently launched the Phantom X2 series in India, which is its latest flagship smartphone with a starting price of Rs 39,999. The Phantom X2 Pro, on the other hand, has a starting price of Rs 49,999 in India. Both phones are available for purchase via Amazon.

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