This Pokemon GO-like AR Game Will Have Players Hunt for Bitcoins

The metaverse for crypto.

Niantic Pokemon Go Bitcoin

Over the past couple of years, there has been a steady rise in interest in AR/VR tech as well as crypto, so it was only about time until the two met, and Pokemon-Go studio Niantic’s latest project is a Bitcoin-hunting AR game. Niantic has partnered up with Bitcoin payments company, Fold App, to develop a game that has players, much like Pokemon-Go, hunting for crypto in real-world locations.

Players will be rewarded with satoshis, which is the smallest possible unit of Bitcoin. Fold App describes satoshis as the bitcoin equivalent of cents to the dollar. Along with satoshis, players will earn extra spins to get rewards on the Fold Card, time extensions to stay in the game longer, and more.

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Niantic, Pokemon Go studio, and Fold App partner up for new AR-game that has players chasing crypto

Niantic Pokemon Go Fold App Bitcoin

While players are out looking for crypto, there will also be poisin pills and “shitcoins” amid bitcoins that will take away from the player’s earnings in the game. To play, players need only open the “Play” tab in the Fold App and then simply go about exploring real-world locations for bitcoin.

Essentially, this is pretty much Niantic’s Pokemon Go, but this time, instead of Pokémon, players will be out looking for bitcoin.

“This is the easiest, most fun way to get your first piece of bitcoin,” expressed Fold CEO Will Reeves in the press release. “Anyone can use our app to earn bitcoin and other rewards by exploring the world around them. For us, it’s always been important to make participating in the bitcoin economy easy for anyone, regardless of education or technical expertise.”

It will be interesting to see how the gaming community as well as the crypto community will respond to this new development and whether it is able to take off in a big way.

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