TikTok Hits 1.5 Billion Downloads on Android and iOS , Forays into Social Commerce with these New Features


TikTok, one of the most famous apps out there, has seen a pretty good day today. A little while ago, we talked about the upcoming TikTok music streaming app. What’s more amazing is to know that the app has now hit 1.5 billion downloads on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store (collectively). It is worth noting that this number is the number of the official app installs and the third-party installs have not even been counted. If it were, the number would have been all the way more. This is a pretty amazing milestone that the app has been able to achieve and we can safely assume that it is not stopping at just this one.

TikTok family is now over 1.5 billion strong, enters the social commerce ecosystem as well

Out of the 1.5 billion worldwide users, India holds the record for having the maximum number of users of the video-sharing app. The country leads the chart with over 466.8 million installs which roughly estimates to around 31 percent of the total unique installs.

Talking more statistics, TikTok has gathered more than 614 million downloads in the year 2019 which is about 6 percent more than the last year. Out of these, India has yet again taken the crown with over 277.6 million downloads this year (which, by the way, is around 45 percent of the total number of downloads). In the second position, we have China with over 45.5 million downloads (around 7.4 percent). The third position is reserved for the United States which has accumulated roughly around 37.6 million installs or around 6 percent of the total share.

India has been a fast riser in 2019, driving up 277.6 million downloads so far this year, or roughly 45 percent of all global installs. That figure also represents 59.5 percent of lifetime downloads in the country. So far this year, China has generated the second largest amount of downloads with 45.5 million, or 7.4 percent, while the U.S. is No. 3 with 37.6 million installs, or about 6 percent

Furthermore, TikTok now aims to enter the social commerce ecosystem as well as the latest report suggests. Once the update is rolled out, creators can add links to the e-commerce sites on their bio and posts which would enable them to generate revenue from their content on TikTok. This will give significant competition to the likes of apps like Instagram and Facebook which offer similar services. Instagram, in particular, has been the hub of social commerce lately and has constantly been adding new features in its bucket to enhance the same. The developers are already testing features like in-app features and Augmented Reality-based shopping from right within the app.

To take on TikTok further, Instagram is also working on launching an all-new feature dubbed Instagram Reels. The feature would allow you to capture 15-second video clips which you can share as stories.

As far as the TikTok music streaming app is concerned, the same is expected to launch as early as December. In case you want to know more about it, you can head to our existing coverage of the same.

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