Twitter Working On an Edit Button and We Are Excited but Here’s What You Can Expect

Twitter is officially coming with an edit button and here's everything you can expect from it.


Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal On Tuesday confirmed that Space X and Tesla founder Elon Musk will be part of the board of directors. After Musk acquired a 9.2% stake in micro-blogging platform. With a 9.2% stake, Musk becomes the largest shareholder of the company, even more than what Twitter founder, Jack Dorsey holds.

Elon Musk in a tweet on Tuesday posted a poll if users wanted an edit button on Twitter or not, to which 73.6% of users voted yes. With all these changes coming, it seems that Twitter edit button is finally coming.

An edit button on Twitter has been the most awaited feature for social media users. People used to make typos and the only thing they could do after that was either delete the tweet or add an additional tweet to highlighting the correction in the last tweet.

The company used to joke about the edit button often on its app, it did the same on April 1 by tweeting “we are working on an edit button” which of course everyone thought to be an April fool prank. But the company has now confirmed that it was not joking and that they are actually working on an edit button.

Twitter via its @Twittercomms handle announced that it is has been working on an edit button option since last year. The company further joked that this has nothing to do with Musk’s poll. The feature will go live in the coming months, so it will take some time to arrive. The feature will be exclusive to Twitter Blue users which is a subscription model of Twitter. A GIF shared by the company reveals that an Edit Tweet button option will appear once the user clicks on the three dots on the top right corner.

Jay Sulivan, Head of Consumer Product of Twitter shared that the company will add an edit button by following these basic factors – time limits, controls, and transparency. This will be done to prevent any misuse or altering of the record of the public conversation.

This move comes as a shocker as the Twitter founder has always been against the edit button on its app and has said that they will never add that. But after Elon Musk boards the wagon, it seems that we might see a lot of changes that were never supposed to happen. Jack has praised Elon in his tweet and he thinks that both Parag and Musk will be an amazing team together.

What We Expect From Twitter Edit Option

The Twitter edit button is finally coming and we are excited too. But the edit button is something very crucial and we expect the company to add some important parameters to prevent any kind of misuse. We expect that the company might allow users to edit a tweet only for a limited period of time. The company could do this as it definitely doesn’t want anyone to edit their old tweet and spread misinformation. So, we expect that the company might add a time limit of 5 to 10 minutes to let users edit their typos.

When a tweet is edited, an icon might appear next to the time at the bottom (or it could be anywhere) that shows this tweet was “edited”. It could be similar to the Facebook view edit history option which shows how many times a post was edited and with what text. Such an option on Twitter will let users check what was posted before that edit and what the context is. If a user edits their tweet, then the company might not notify their followers.

Do you want Twitter to add an edit button with the above mentioned conditions? What do you think? Let us know in the comments section.