Ubisoft Toronto Announces That Splinter Cell Remake is in the Works: What We Know so Far

Looks like the rumours were true, after all.

Splinter Cell Remake

After weeks of rumors and whispers, Ubisoft has finally confirmed that Ubisoft Toronto has begun development on a Splinter Cell remake and is currently hiring. The original was easily one of the most influential titles in the stealth-action genre and went on to define the key characteristics of the stealth-action game for years to come.

Splinter Cell is one of Ubisoft’s biggest AAA franchises so it only makes sense for them to get back to the well when the market is pretty ripe for remakes. The Ubisoft Toronto devs also shared a little Q/A that sheds more light on the direction Splinter Cell will take and what players can expect from the game.

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Splinter Cell remake confirmed by Ubisoft

To start off with, the devs have confirmed that the Splinter Cell remake will use the proprietary Snowdrop engine. This is the same engine as the one currently being used to develop Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora as well as Ubisoft’s upcoming Star Wars game. The devs have also confirmed that ‘remake’ implies that the team will go above and beyond a ‘remaster’.

“Snowdrop is a proven modern AAA engine. It empowers content creators and programmers alike to try things quickly, see what works, and ultimately find success,” said Peter Handrinos of Ubisoft Toronto. “I think that’s one of its major advantages, allowing us to quickly find the modern equivalent of that core Splinter gameplay.”

Splinter Cell Remake

The game is being worked on from the ground up and while it will retain the original’s identity and spirit, players can expect a ton of innovation in terms of tech, visuals, and gameplay. From what the devs spoke about regarding stealth gameplay in the remake is going to retain much of the sandbox nature of the original and allow players to make interesting choices.

Splinter Cell Blacklist was the first game that Ubisoft Toronto had put out, so it feels like the remake is in safe hands since they’re quite familiar with what a modern Splinter Cell game should be like.

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