Upcoming Electric Scooters in India 2023: Bajaj Chetak, Honda Activa Electric, TVS Creon, and More

Here are the upcoming electric scooters in India.


With electric scooters becoming more popular in India for their economic value and features, such as smartphone connectivity and GPS, there are already several electric scooters on Indian roads, with even more scheduled to be launched soon. Here are some of the upcoming electric scooters in India that consumers can look forward to.

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Top Upcoming Electric Scooters in India

Scooter Name Expected Launch Date Price
Suzuki Burgman Electric January 2023 Rs 1.20 Lakh
Hero Electric AE-8 January 2023 Rs 70000
Gogoro 2 Series February 2023 Rs. 1.50 Lakh
Bajaj Chetak Electric February 2023 Rs 1.60 lakh
Hero Electric AE-75 March 2023 Rs 80000
Hero Electric AE-29 June 2023 Rs 85000
Hero Electric AE-3 June 2023 Rs 1.50 lakh
Honda Activa Electric September 2023 Rs 1.10 lakh
TVS Creon October 2023 Rs 1.20 Lakh

Suzuki Burgman Electric 

All set to launch in January 2023, this scooter is quite identical to its ICE counterpart, including the bulbous front apron and the long free-flowing tail section.

You get a white and blue dual-tone color scheme exclusive to this scooter. It is loaded with Bluetooth connectivity, allowing the scooter to be paired with your smartphone. 

Expected Launch Date – January 2023

Price -Rs.1.20 lakh

Engine Specs – 110 cc

Riding Mode – 2

Motor Power – 4kW

Range – 60-80 km 

Hero Electric AE-8

This neo-retro electric scooter was unveiled at the Auto Expo. Part of the Trends Series from the Hero Stable, it has a chart-topping range of 80 km on a single charge with a modest top speed of 25 kmph. You get a full-LED headlight, a halo LED DRL, and a digital instrument console. 

Expected Launch Date – January 2023

Price -Rs.70000

Engine Specs – NA

Riding Mode – NA

Motor Power – NA

Range – 80km 

Gogoro 2 Series 

This electric scooter from Taiwanese electric vehicle startup Gogoro, a subsidiary of HTC, one of the largest makers of smartphones in the world. This scooter comes in black and white. The scooter may be personalized because its cover is interchangeable with a smartphone cover. This scooter will be offered in multiple colors. 

Expected Launch Date – February 2023

Price – Rs 1.50 lakhs

Engine Specs – 125cc

Riding Mode – 2

Motor Power – Peak Power of 7kW

Range – 170 km

Bajaj Chetak Electric  

In its electric garb, the new Chetak is quite a hit among consumers. It comes in two variants, Urbane, which costs Rs 1,00,000, and Premium, which costs Rs 1,15,000. The scooter has retro styling and is fitted with a digital instrument cluster and LED lights. It has a 4kW electric motor capable of churning around 16 Nm of torque. This scooter has a  3kWh lithium-ion IP-67-rated battery, enabling it to go 95 km on one charge. Five hours is the time taken by the battery to charge. This scooter has a top speed of around 78 kmph. 

Expected Launch Date – February 2023

Price – Rs 1,47,691

Engine Specs – 110cc

Riding Mode – 2

Motor Power – 4080w

Range – 95 km

Hero Electric AE-75

The 2020 Auto Expo saw the unveiling of this scooter. The scooter is relatively quick, given a range of 80 km and a top whack of 55 kmph. Unfortunately, only a little by way of specifications are known about this scooter. 

Expected Launch Date – March 2023

Price -Rs. 1,25,000 – Rs. 80000

Engine Specs – Hub Motor

Riding Mode – 2

Motor Power – NA

Range – 80km 

Hero Electric AE-29

With a somewhat conventional design, this scooter gets a host of modern features like full-LED lighting, a fully-digital console, anti-theft alarm system, mobile charger, Bluetooth connectivity, walk and reverse assist. It has a 1kW motor powered by a 3.5kW battery giving it a top whack of 55 kmph. The charging time for this scooter is 4 hours. 

Expected Launch Date – December 2022

Price – Rs. 85,000 – Rs. 90,000

Engine Specs – NA

Riding Mode – 2

Motor Power – 1kW

Range – 80 km

Hero Electric AE-3 

This electric trike was unveiled at Auto Expo 2020. It is a one-of-a-kind for Hero Electric. It has a gyroscope-enabled auto-balance park feature that assists the scooter in staying upright even when it is stationary. You get a fully-digital instrument cluster, walk assist, mobile charger, reverse assist, geo-fencing, and app connectivity. 

Expected Launch Date – December 2022

Price – Rs.1.50 lakh

Engine Specs – NA

Riding Mode – 2

Motor Power – 5.5kW

Range – 100 km

Honda Activa Electric

This scooter is expected to be launched mid-2023. The Activa 126 and the Activa 6G will inspire the electric version.  The chassis will more or less remain the same. 

Expected Launch Date – September 2023

Price – Rs 1.10 lakh

Engine Specs – 109.51 Cc

Riding Mode – 3

Motor Power – 1kW

Range – 95 km

TVS Creon

The 2018 Auto Expo saw the birth of the TVS Creon. It has a sharp, angular design language, a fully digital instrument console, and LEDs. This scooter can go from 0-60 kmph in just 5 seconds. You get a Bluetooth-enabled digital instrument console, 3 riding modes, GPS, safety, cloud connectivity, geo-fencing, park assist, and anti-theft. 

Expected Launch Date – December 2022

Price – Rs.1.20 lakh

Engine Specs – NA

Riding Mode – 2

Motor Power – 1200w

Range -80 km 

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Which is the No 1 electric scooter in India?

The Ola S1 electric scooter is very popular in India. 

What is the future of electric scooters in India?

The future for electric scooters and bikes in India is pretty bright as many manufacturers are preparing to enter the market with new models, giving consumers more choices when purchasing. 

Is Honda launching an electric scooter in India?

Yes, Honda is preparing to launch the Activa, amongst other models in India. 

What are the top upcoming electric scooters in India?

Gogoro 2 Series, 2022 Bajaj Chetak , Honda Activa Electric, Hero Electric AE-29, Hero Electric AE-3, Hero Electric AE-47 E-Bike, Hero Electric AE-75, Hero Electric AE-8, Suzuki Burgman Electric, TVS Creon.