Valorant Mobile Beta Testers Tipped to Have the Ability to Invite Up to 5 Users

Valorant Mobile Beta Test will have a player invite system from which one player can invite up to five more users to join the beta program.


Currently, Valorant Mobile is one of the most awaited games in the gaming world. The PC version of the game has garnered great attention, especially in the competitive (esports) world. With such enormous success, Riot is now heading towards the mobile gaming market.

Last month, several Twitter users have shared a few screenshots of Valorant Mobile Private testing on the Google Play Store which has picked quite a lot of attention from the fans. The latest report suggests that Valorant Mobile is still in development and will have an n Invite System to join the beta in the future. Also, players who have access can invite up to five other players to join the beta.

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Valorant Mobile Beta Will Allow Players to Invite Their Friends to Join the Beta

The beta version of Valorant Mobile is likely to arrive soon with a player invite system, as per Mike (@ValorLeaks on Twitter), a popular data miner. His tweet reads: “Just a Reminder that Valorant Mobile is still in development and will have an Invite System to join the beta in the future as we get closer to release.”

The main highlight is the player invite system which is unheard of in the beta testing phase of a game. If you have access to the Valorant Mobile Beta test, you can invite up to nearly five other users to join the beta program. You can call out your friends and play along with them in this much anticipated mobile game of Riot’s hit FPS title.


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However, Riot Games has not confirmed any beta testing date or they have not made any official statements regarding the same. It is reported that the game will have open beta tests at the end of 2022 or starting of 2023.