Vi Launches Two 4G Data Vouchers To Offer 1.1GB, 3.3GB Data, and Other Benefits

Vodafone-Idea introduces two 4G data vouchers under Rs 60.


  1. Vi has introduced Rs 25 and Rs 55 4G data vouchers to offer data benefits.
  2. Vi’s Rs 25 4G data voucher offers 1.1GB of data for only 24 hours.
  3. Vi’s Rs 55 4G data voucher offers 3GB of data and ad-free music access.

Vi (Vodafone-Idea), India’s third-largest telecom operator, has silently launched two new prepaid plans for its customers. These 4G data vouchers are priced at Rs 25, Rs 55, and are already listed on the company’s website in the data section. However, customers should have an active base plan to use these data vouchers. So, let’s have a look at the benefits of two newly launched 4G data vouchers from the Vodafone-Idea.

Vi 4G Data Voucher Of Rs 25: Details

Let’s start with the Rs 25 4G data voucher, where customers will get 1.1GB of data for only 24 hours. The telecom operator also offers a 4G data voucher of Rs 19 for the same period; however, customers get only 1GB of data.

It is worth noting that Rs 25 packs also offer ad-free music for seven days and this is the major difference between two 4G data vouchers, which seems a better option. To those unaware, Vi joined hands with Hungama Music, where customers will get free access to the music for a few months; however, Rs 25 4G data vouchers offer an ad-free music experience only for seven days. In case you are not looking for an ad-free music experience, then we suggest you choose Rs 19 plan as both plan offer data facilities for one day.

Vi 4G Data Voucher Of Rs 55: Details

There is another pack listed on the website. The Rs 55 data voucher provides 3.3GB of data for seven days. In addition, customers will get ad-free music for one month; however, to access the benefit of this 4G data voucher, the base plan should be active. Apart from these two packs, Rs 108 pack also offers ad-free music for 90 days, which is three months. Besides, the company offers 6GB of data for 15 days.

Similarly, the telecom operator recently launched Rs 75 4G data voucher that offers 6GB of data for seven days without any other benefits, which means the company is focussing on those customers who consume data a lot.

4G Data Vouchers By Reliance Jio And Airtel Under Rs 108

It is worth mentioning that Reliance Jio offers three packs under Rs 108 and the first 4G data voucher is priced at Rs 15, which is less than the other two telecom operators. The Rs 15 4G data voucher offer 1GB of data, while Rs 25 ships 2GB of data, and Rs 61 provides 6GB of data.

Airtel also offers a 4G data voucher of Rs 19, which offers 1GB of data for one day without any other benefit. There is another pack of Rs 58, where customers get 3GB of data for the existing plan last. The Rs 65 and Rs 98 offer 4GB and 5GB of data for the same period. All three telecom operators are very active in terms of launching plans and vouchers for their customers, but Vodafone-Idea only offers 4G services in the country, while the other two have launched 5G services in several circles.