JioCinema Premium Free Subscription via Voot: What Is It And How Can You Get Free JioCinema Subscription With Voot Select

Voot Select members can transfer their account to JioCinema Premium using these methods.


JioCinema is growing leaps and bounds thanks to the platform signing up for popular Hollywood movies and TV shows via HBO and Peacock among others. JioCinema has been around for a long time but the app has never got the attention of a wide audience, even though most of the content was free to view. But with the new changes, JioCinema becomes an attractive destination for viewers in India. Jio also has the Voot OTT platform which has also catered to the Indian audience with its vast array of local shows and TV content on the web and mobile. 

It has the Voot Select which is a premium subscription, but soon reports suggest Voot and JioCinema will be merging, which means you can access JioCinema content if you have subscribed to Voot Select. And to that extent, there is a special offer available for Voot Select users who can avail a limited-period coupon to get a JioCinema subscription without any added fee and watch all the latest content on TV, web and even mobile. The special offer can be availed using the Voot mobile app or using the web app. 

JioCinema Premium – Voot Free Subscription: What It Means 

As we mentioned, Voot and JioCinema will soon be merged and with that people subscribed to either of these platforms can access content without paying additionally. Voot Select members can get the JioCinema Premium subscription for free and all you need is a special coupon which can be sourced from Jio using your email or head over to WhatsApp and connect with the JioCinema to transfer your Voot Select subscription. 

How To Get Free JioCinema Premium Subscription Using Voot On Email 

  • Head over to JioCinema Help Centre website to apply for transfer of account
  • Click on the Voot Select tab when you scroll and follow the next step
  • Now select Report an issue option and fill details like your registered email ID, mobile number, and select the issue
  • In the additional issue tab give the details of your Voot account and request the support team to help you with the promo code for JioCinema Premium subscription
  • Attach the photo which shows the proof of your active Voot Select subscription
  • Click on submit

You can find the Voot subscription details in the account section of the Voot app and click on Billing history and take a screengrab or photo for visual proof to share. 

Now, you wait for a few days for Jio to connect with you via the registered email account. The request can take as long as 10 days for the Jio team to process. Once that happens, you will be given the details of using the promo code which is also given in the mail. Here’s what you have to do with the promo code: 

  • Download the JioCinema app on your mobile
  • Click on more from the bottom tab
  • Click on Subscribe Now
  • Scroll down and you will see the promo code tab
  • Enter the promo code given to you in the mail and click on Apply

How To Get Free JioCinema Premium Subscription Using Voot On WhatsApp 

If you don’t want to go through the tedious process of mailing Jio for the JioCinema Premium promo code, then you also have the option to apply for the promo code using the special Voot WhatsApp number on which you can get the details to transfer your Voot Select account to get 3 or 6 month JioCinema Premium subscription. 

  • If you are a Voot Select member, head over to WhatsApp and send a message to Voot support number: 8169567366
  • Send them a message asking to transfer the subscription to JioCinema Premium
  • Voot will reply back with the promo code for JioCinema Premium transfer and the steps to do the process in the JioCinema app

The JioCinema Premium subscription will be active for three or six months, depending on the period offered by the platform which is under its discretion. The promo code is meant for one-time use only, so don’t think about sharing it with friends after applying it for your account.

The special promo code offer for JioCinema Premium content is available till June 30th. The promo code will be applicable for a short period, after which you will have to pay Rs 999 per year to subscribe to the JioCinema Premium app on mobile, TV, web or more.