WWE 2K22 Cover Art featuring Rey Mysterio, Pre-Order Bonuses Leaked, Expected to Go for Pre-Order Soon

Rey Mysterio will also have a Career Showcase in the game.

WWE 2K22

It appears that the cover art for the upcoming WWE 2K22 has been leaked ahead of time and it features former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Rey Mysterio. The leak comes from Nils Ahrensmeier, who has had a string of accurate leaks before official word from the publishers and devs.

Not only has the cover been ‘leaked’, but there are also early details available on pre-order bonuses. The pre-order bonuses, according to the leak, will include items such as the Undertaker Immortal Pack. The Undertaker Immortal Pack includes 3 additional Undertaker Personas. These include the likes of Phantom Mask ‘Taker, Lord of Darkness ‘Taker, and Boneyard Match ‘Taker.

Additionally, pre-orders for WWE 2K22 will likely be open soon, and the game looks like it will be a cross-gen release, meaning, it will be available on both last-gen and new-gen consoles.

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WWE 2K22 Cover Art for PS5 Leaked Ahead of Imminent Pre-Orders

The game was earlier scheduled to arrive towards the latter end of 2021, but 2K Interactive eventually elected to delay the release of the game. As it currently stands, the game is slated for release in March 2022.

Rey Mysterio being featured on the cover of WWE 2K22 really comes as no surprise, mainly because, it was tipped that the game will feature a Career Showcase for the Superstar. Typically, Superstars featured in the Showcase in WWE 2K games, grace the cover of the said titles. This has been the trend that 2K has followed in past titles in the franchise.

After a couple of lacklustre releases in the series, fans are holding out hope that perhaps 2K22 is the title that turns it around for the series. It has been confirmed that much-requested game modes such as the fantastic GM Mode will be featured in the upcoming title, so perhaps WWE 2K22 does have a chance of being a fan-favourite entry in the series.

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