A Slimmer Version of the PS5 Has Been Leaked in a Hands-on Video

The leaked video shows a newly designed PS5 with shorter dimensions

  • A video of the rumoured PS5 Slim has leaked online.
  • The new PS5 Slim will come with a detachable drive.
  • The leaked video shows some design changes in the PS5 Slim, as compared to the PS5.

Sony is supposedly working on a slimmer version of the PS5 that will have a detachable disc. It is being said that this new PlayStation will be named PS5 Slim. A leaked video of this upcoming PS5 Slim has surfaced online which showcases the new design on the PS5 Slim.

The video has been posted on Twitter by BetterWayElectronics which gives us a 360-degree look at the upcoming PlayStation. We had also seen reports of Sony developing a redesigned PS5 in the past, and it looks like the company is ready to refresh the looks of the PS5.

We can clearly see that the new PS5 Slim is shorter in height than the existing PS5. It also appears to have a removable flap on one side, which will give access to the detachable drive. The unit shown in the video appears to be a prototype model, which is close to production.

Why is Sony Working On A New PS5?

Sony currently has two variants of the PS5, a digital variant with an SSD and the other model comes with a disc reader. However, both the models have a major design flaw that requires you to replace the entire console, in case of hardware failure.

The PS5 digital variant has integrated the SSD on the motherboard. This means that if the SSD fails due to any reason, the entire motherboard will have to be replaced, which is equivalent to buying a new console.

The drive variant too has a similar problem, as the PS5 cannot be repaired if the disc reader fails. For both models of the PS5, if this problem occurs to you outside of warranty, then the only solution is to purchase a new PS5.

Sony is looking to address this flaw by introducing a detachable drive in its PS5 Slim. As per reports, the drive will use a USB-C connector to connect to the main console. It is expected that these drives will be portable and can be easily detached from the unit.

It will be interesting to see how Sony implements this detachable drive functionality in its PS5 without hampering its aesthetics. The leaked hands-on video suggests that the design is very similar to the existing PS5, with slight changes in the dimensions.

The internal hardware of the Sony PS5 is expected to remain the same. The latest PS5 is powered by a custom AMD Zen 2 processor paired with AMD’s RDNA 2 graphics. This chip was jointly engineered by Sony and AMD exclusively for the PS5.

The upcoming PS5 Slim may launch in September 2023. Sony is yet to provide an estimated launch date for its new PlayStation.

Recently, Sony also announced a price cut of Rs 5000 on all models of the PS5. The PS5 Digital Edition sells at Rs 39,990 and the standard PS5 is priced at Rs 49,990. Sony is also offering game bundles at discounted prices.