Apple Vision Pro Will Reportedly Launch in February 2024 As Production Ramps Up

Apple showcased its ambitious mixed reality headset at the WWDC 2023 back in June.

  • Apple Vision Pro mixed reality headset tipped to launch in February 2024.
  • The device was previously delayed till March 2024.
  • The Apple Vision Pro was announced by the brand back in June with a steep price tag of $3,499 (~Rs 2,92,000).

The Apple Vision Pro’s US launch could now take place in February 2024. Previously, the noted Apple reporter Mark Gurman of Bloomberg claimed that the public release of the much-anticipated mixed reality headset was delayed till March 2024. Now, Gurman has made another claim in his latest Power On newsletter that Apple has ramped up the overseas manufacturing of the headset as it aims for a February launch. Let’s take a look at the latest Apple Vision Pro development.

Apple Vision Pro to Launch in February 2024

apple vision pro
Apple Vision Pro reportedly launching in February 2024.

Apple officially announced its ambitious mixed reality headset called Vision Pro at its WWDC 2023 event in June. The brand also announced that the headset will officially launch in early 2024. However, Gurman then reported claiming that the headset might not arrive on the market until March 2024, a delay from the earlier plans of January 2024.

Now, Gurman has stated in his latest Power On newsletter that the Cupertino-based tech giant has ramped up the overseas manufacturing of the Vision Pro aimed for a February 2024 release. He also notes that the brand has sent an email to developers asking them to test their apps for the headset with the latest tools and send their apps to Apple for feedback.

Gurman has also detailed in the report that Apple is taking several steps to launch a completely new product category. Notably, the last time Apple launched a completely new product category was the Apple Watch in 2015.

According to him, these are all the signs of the impending release of the Apple Vision Pro with Apple undertaking meticulous planning for its most expensive and ambitious product so far.

The Apple Vision Pro headset will come with various headbands and prescription lens configurations to suit every buyer. For this reason, the brand is said to be inviting two staff members from each retail store to the headquarters for training in January 2024, according to Gurman.