Apex Legends Mobile is Getting a New Legend Called Rhapsody

This is the second mobile-exclusive legend introduced by Respawn Entertainment.


Apex Legends Season 2 is about to kick off on July 12 and Respawn Entertainment has just dropped a new launch trailer showcasing the newest mobile-exclusive Legend in the game – Rhapsody. She is the second mobile-exclusive Legend in the game, the first being Fade, who has turned into quite the fan-favourite, given his time-warping abilities.

Rhapsody will be part of Season 2: Distortion, which also includes a whole new map, also exclusive to mobile. The map is called Pythas Block 0. The new map certainly looks like a lot of fun with it being a city block drenched in neon, which is an all-new aesthetic for Apex Legends fans.

Rhapsody’s abilities seem to revolve around the use of her drone, which can create a protective field around the character, much like Gibraltar’s shield dome.

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Apex Legends Season 2: Distortion Drops on July 12

Apex Legends Mobile seems to be a success so far, with the global launch pulling a massive number of players. In our review of the game, we mentioned how the game is a perfect counterpart to the console/PC version but does enough to stand on its own as an independent game.

The game will be more frequently-updated than its console/PC version, with a new Season dropping every month or so as compared to the bi-monthly rollout of the PC/Console version. Apex Legends Mobile’s focus on mobile-exclusive legends is a big pull for fans of the game as it offers them new ways to experience the game, with Legends designed specifically for the mobile version.

It will be interesting to see how players respond to the game’s newest Legend and where exactly do they fit into the game meta. The new map also looks like a welcome addition to the game as it adds a bit of nightlife to combat arenas.