Apple Vision Pro Buyers Are Returning Their Headsets: Here’s Why

Apple Vision Pro's 14-day return window will end on February 16.

  • Apple Vision Pro users are complaining of discomfort, headache, and eye strain.
  • Several users have reportedly returned their Apple Vision Pro because of the drawbacks.
  • The 14-day return window for the first wave of buyers closes on February 16.

It looks like some Apple Vision Pro users are returning their headsets. The much-anticipated and ambitious $3,500 headset from the Cupertino tech giant was criticised for its heavy build by several reviewers after Apple held a demo for it in early January.

After the headset went on sale starting February 2, end consumers are also complaining about the discomfort caused by the headset. The Verge has reported that there has been an uptick in Apple Vision Pro returns ahead of the February 16 return window.

Apple Vision Pro Causes Headache And Eye Strain For Users

Notably, Apple allows US buyers to return products within 14 days of purchase, and it includes Apple Vision Pro as well. Those who purchased the mixed-reality headset on the launch date (February 2) have until February 16 to return their purchase. According to the report, the main reason for return cited by many users is comfort.

apple vision pro
Apple Vision Pro users complain of headache and eye strain.

Several users on YouTube and Reddit have revealed that the clunky design and poor weight distribution of the Apple Vision Pro makes it feel heavy on the face. Additionally, users report that Apple Vision Pro headset is not ideal to use for longer duration. The mixed-reality headset is said to be causing headaches after just 10 minutes of usage.

Additionally, there have been complaints about how the implementation of virtual apps overlay on top of the users’ line of sight is blurry causing eye strain. Another user mentioned that the only good part about Apple Vision Pro is watching movies and videos on it.

Apart from the design issues, several users have complained about how the Apple Vision Pro is plagued by first-gen product fallacies like sketchy multitasking, lack of software compatibility despite 600 dedicated apps announced by Apple, and more. It looks like it might make sense for users to wait for the second-generation product till Apple resolves some of the comfort and design issues.

On the flip side, those who have returned their Apple Vision Pro have reported that the experience has been seamless. Buyers are required to return Vision Pro in original condition with the original parts, accessories, and packaging at the Apple Store. Those who have purchased the prescription ZEISS lenses will have to initiate the return process through the order listing page.