Samsung Unveils Bespoke Home Appliances in India With AI Capabilities

  • Samsung has introduced Bespoke AI to its home appliances.
  • Users can control their ACs, washing machines, and other appliances using voice commands or from the SmartThings app directly.

Samsung showcased its new range of Bespoke Home Appliances at its Bespoke AI Event in Jio World Plaza, Mumbai. The appliances have AI-powered features that help users in their daily lives. The range includes multiple products, including refrigerators, air conditioners, microwaves, and washing machines.

Samsung Home Appliances with Bespoke AI

The new range of Samsung Bespoke refrigerators features an AI vision camera that can recognize over 33 food items. Based on the stored ingredients, the camera can suggest recipes and alert users if any food item is about to turn stale or unfit for consumption. Users can also remotely view inside the refrigerator using the AI vision camera.

Samsung also extended Bespoke AI features to its microwaves to curate personalised diets. The new range of Samsung’s microwaves can now suggest low-fat versions of regular recipes.

The Samsung Bespoke air conditioners now support a Welcome Cooling function that allows users to activate the AC before they arrive home. An AI Geo-Fencing feature warns users to turn off the AC when they go out of a specific distance range, which can be up to 30 kilometres.

Samsung washing machines will now utilize Bespoke AI to learn and evolve wash cycles based on the user’s laundry patterns. The machine will customize wash modes that are best suited for individuals based on load, fabric type, water levels, soiling levels, and detergent types.

Samsung says that its new range of appliances will also allow users to monitor energy consumption through the SmartThings app. Using AI Energy algorithms, Samsung’s appliances can provide energy savings of up to 10% in refrigerators, 20% in air conditioners, and up to 70% in washing machines.

The appliances will also support Bixby Voice Assistant. Customers can use commands to know the contents inside their refrigerator, turn on the AC, toggle settings in any machine, etc.