BGMI Masters Series Season 2 (BGMS 2023): Format, Schedule, Prize Pool, and More

BGMI Masters Series Season 2 is set to kick off on August 4.

  • NODWIN Gaming and Star Sports have unveiled the BGMI Masters Series Season 2 (BGMS Season 2).
  • The BGMI Masters Series Season 2 prize pool will be the largest for a BGMI tournament to date, which is Rs 2.10 Crores.
  • The tournament will be telecasted live on Star Sports Network as well as Nodwin Gaming’s Rooter Channel.

The return of BGMI in India has reignited the Indian esports industry and within a short period of time, numerous tournaments of the game took place with hefty prize pools crossing nearly Rs 2 Crores. After 45 days of the game’s urban, Nodwin Gaming and Star Sports have announced the second season of the Battlegrounds Masters Series (BGMS 2023).

The highly anticipated Battlegrounds Mobile India Masters Series (BGMS) Season 2 is set to begin on August 4th. As the event approaches, players and fans alike are looking forward to the heated battles and adrenaline-pumping excitement that will take place in this esports spectacle.

This article will enrich you with all the details announced regarding the BGMI Masters Series Season 2.

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BGMI Masters Series Season 2 – All You Need to Know

bgms season 2
Image via Nodwin Gaming

BGMI Masters Series Season 2 is an offline event, meaning the tournament will be a LAN event and it is set to feature 14 directly invited teams accompanied by the 10 teams that advance from the qualifiers.

BGMS Season 2 will take place in three stages, namely the League Stage, Playoffs, and Grand Finals. Here is the breakdown of the BGMI Masters Series 2023 Format and Schedule:

  • LEAGUE STAGE (This stage comprises one launch week, two league weeks and two super weekends)
  • Launch Week: August 4 to 6
  • League Week1: August 7 to 9
  • Super Weekend 1: August 11 to 13
  • League Week 2: August 14 to 17
  • Super Weekend 2: August 18-20
  • PLAYOFFS: August 22 to August 23
  • GRAND FINALS: August 25 to August 27

League Stage

Launch Week (Aug 4-6)

This phase will take place for three days and the total 24 teams will be divided into three groups and pitted against one another. The points they earned during the first week will count toward the League Stage’s overall standings. Three matches will be held each day and a team will get to play a total of six matches in this round.

League Week 1 (Aug 7-10)

Considering each team’s performance in the Launch Week, the 24 teams will be seeded in this phase by splitting them into three groups. Each team will play eight matches across 4 days with the top 16 teams advancing for Super Weekend 1 while the remaining sides wait for League Week 2.

Super Weekend 1 (Aug 11-13)

The best 16 teams from the League Week will compete in this stage and they will play nice matches over the course of three days. Super Weekend 1 points will be added to the Overall Leaderboard. Notably, the top four teams on the Overall Leaderboard at the end of Super Weekend 1 are guaranteed a direct slot in Super Weekend 2. However, they must have to participate in the League Week 2.

League Week 2 (Aug 14-17)

League Week 2 will be a four-day battle similar to League Week 1. Round-robin The matches will follow a round-robin format with the top 12 teams will make it to Super Weekend 2.

Super Weekend 2 (Aug 18-20)

The top 12 teams from League Week 2 will face off against the top four teams from Super Weekend 1 in a tough battle. The stakes are high because the points earned during this phase will have a large impact on the Overall Leaderboard.

After Super Weekend 2, the top four teams on the overall standings will proceed to the BGMS Season 2 Grand Finals. Following that, teams ranked 5th to 20th will compete in the Playoffs. The bottom four teams (squads that ranked from 21-24) will be eliminated from the tournament.

Playoffs (Aug 22-23)

Playoffs will be held on the 22nd and 23rd of this August. This phase will feature 16 teams and we will get to see them battling for the final 12 spots in the reputed Grand Finals.

Grand Finals (Aug 25-27)

The top four teams from the League Stage and the top twelve from the Playoffs will compete in 12 challenging matches. The team with the most points at the end of the BGMS Season 2 will be crowned champion.

BGMS Season 2: List of All Invited and Qualified Teams


  1. Blind Esports
  2. Chemin Esports
  3. Enigma Gaming
  4. Team Entity
  5. Gladiators Esports
  6. Global Esports
  7. Gods Reign
  8. Lucknow Giants
  9. Marcos Gaming
  10. Medal Esports
  11. Numen Esports
  12. One Blade Esports
  13. OR Esports
  14. Orangutan Gaming
  15. Revenant Esports
  16. Spy Esports
  17. Team 8-Bit
  18. Godlike Esports
  19. Team iNSANE
  20. Soul Esports
  21. Team XSpark
  22. True Rippers
  23. Velocity Gaming
  24. VSG Esports

Prize Pool

bgmi masters series season 2
Image via Nodwin Gaming

BGMS Season 2 boasts a huge prize pool of Rs 2.10 Crores which is the highest-ever prize pool in BGMI Esports to date. The champions of the tournament will walk away with Rs 1 Crore prize money along with the championship title.

BGMS Season 2: Point System

Making the tournament even more intense, Nodwin Gaming has appointed a 15-point scoring system in BGMI Masters Series Season 2. Players will receive two points for each kill secured within the first zone, increasing the competition levels and promoting more aggressive action. To top the leaderboard, teams will need to strategize and adapt to this new scoring style.

BGMS Season 2: Where to Watch

Season 2 of the BGMI Masters Series will receive extensive coverage, making it available to fans across the country. The competition will be televised live on Star Sports Network, making it the first and only esports event to be shown on television. The event will also be streamed live on Rooter for digital viewers from 9:30 PM IST.

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