BGMI Playing Guide: 11 Best Tricks to Play Like a Pro and Get a Chicken Dinner

BGMI is back, and it is time to get more chicken dinners!


  • BGMI is back!
  • It’s time to get that chicken dinner again.
  • Here are some tips and tricks for getting Chicken Dinner.

After getting banned, BGMI, or Battleground Mobile India, is back in India. It is on a three-month trial basis under permission from the Government of India. The game has undergone some changes to adhere to the new guidelines from GoI. But the core gameplay has remained unchanged, survive the game and get the Chicken Dinner. 

Best Tips to Get Chinner Dinner in Every BGMI Match

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner is the celebration of winning a game in BGMI. Getting a chicken dinner isn’t a simple task, especially if you’re a long-time player with higher levels. If you’re a long-time player or a new one, here are some of the tips for getting chicken dinner in BGMI! 

Drop point matters

Choosing your drop location is important in progressing to the last stages of the game and getting a chicken dinner. 

Depending on your style, you may land in a high loot area surrounded by many enemies and eliminate them to proceed to the next circle. Alternatively, you can play it stealthily by dropping into locations generally avoided by players looking for high loot. Whatever type of location you decide to drop into, you need to make sure that it has enough buildings and transportation available. 

You need to keep your eyes open to check the plane’s route and plan your jump accordingly. It would be best to keep an eye out for the enemies dropping. 

Many players opt for high-loot locations because of the thrill of initial first fights and the possibility of getting rare weapons. But this high reward comes with high risk, and you could be eliminated in the first round itself without progressing to the later rounds for chicken dinner. If you want a better chance of winning in BGMI, opting for a strategic approach, aiming for safer locations, is better. 

Pick up a gun quickly

Securing a weapon should be the first thing you must do after you’ve dropped. You might not get a rare weapon at first, it could just be a pistol, but you need it, just in case. 

Pick up the right weapons

Now that you have dropped and have a basic weapon, it is time to get the right combination of weapons and attachments for it. 

You need to find the best weapon for you in the game. You need to find a balance in the weapon as well. Some weapons have huge recoil, which you need to stabilize with attachments. You need to know which attachments should go to which guns and more. Here’s our list of the best guns in BGMI, which you can refer to to get the most out of the guns in the game. 

Mind the circle

The circle can be both your enemy and your friend. 

You must keep your move along with the circle in advance; you risk falling outside the circle. This is the basics of the game, yet it is one of the most important things to note in BGMI. Staying inside the circle before it closes gives you the best chance to move to the next circle, wherever it decides to go. Also, you don’t risk fights with enemies when the circle starts shrinking, adding another layer of risk to the game. So always keep yourself is the right side of the circle. 

Supply drops hold the best guns 

There’s a reason every player flocks to supply drops; it’s because of the rare weapons and armor it holds. If you want a chicken dinner shot, you must have the best weapons. To get the best weapons in the game, you must get to the supply drops first. But beware of the enemies waiting for you to open the drops! 

Stealth mode

Staying hidden equates to staying safe in BGMI. You can use the terrain to your advantage; hiding in bushes is a proven way to hide from enemies if you don’t move much. And if you get a ghillie suit as loot, then it’s the jackpot. 

Don’t overuse the vehicle

Vehicles can get you from point A to point B quickly in BGMI. But it can also let your enemies know exactly where you are. Driving around in a noisy jeep or car lets everyone in an area about your location. So if you’re approaching locations where there would be high loot, you shouldn’t directly approach it, you can stop outside the area and move on legs, or you can avoid the area as a whole. 

Close the doors

You don’t leave the doors of the building open. Leaving the doors open is the first way to let your enemies know you’re in a building; you don’t need to be in a position where someone will target you while you’re in a building. But if you leave the door closed, you get to know when they enter the building and will also get a chance to kill them by surprise. 

Wear a helmet

This also is a basic thing in BGMI, but wearing a helmet can reduce the fatality of headshots. Even a level 1 helmet would be fine, but you need to have the best available helmet for better longevity in the match. You don’t know when a sniper will hit you, so you better be safe. 

Don’t stay in one place 

Once you have your weapons and supplies, you must keep moving from one place to another. Camping is a great way to survive in the game, but you need to be at the right moment with the right weapons and conditions to camp forever. And also, you need the circle on your side. The chance of that happening is low, so you need to keep moving in line with the circle and move strategically. 

Use your ears 

You need to have good earphones to play BGMI. Your ears are your second eye in the game. You can track the exact location of your enemies; you can know when new enemies show up near you, know when someone is using a vehicle near you and more. Also, it is better to use a wired or wireless earphone with lower latency; it will help you reduce the gap between the video and audio in the game.