BGMI Pro Series (BMPS) Season 1 Day 8 Results are Out: OR Esports Dominates the Table, Followed by Team XO

BGMI Pro Series Season 1 League Stage Week 2 concludes with OR Esports leading the table with 464 points while XO and Soul are in second and third spot respectively with 350 points each.


BGMI Pro Series (BMPS) Season 1 League Stage Day 8 of Week 2 concludes after the successful completion of 48 matches. Team OR Esports is nailing the tournament and they took the top spot on the table with 464 points. The team becomes the first in the event to get 200+ finishes and cross 450 points.

Team XO has now climbed up to the second position with 350 points with their smart gameplay in the second week which the audience has witnessed. Their zone rotations are top-notch and they maintained pace in it. Fan-favorite team Soul is now down to the third position with 350 points. XO wins the tie-breaker as they have more WWCDs and position points compared to Team Soul. Hydra official raked more than 200 points in Week 2 and now grabbed the fourth spot with 318 points.

7Sea esports had a good day as they are now positioned at #8 with 258 points while Nigma Galaxy, Global Esports and Hyderabad hydras are in fifth, sixth, and seventh positions respectively.

BMPS Season 1 League Stage Day 8  Overall Standings

bmps season 1 week 2 day 4
Image via BGMI Esports, YouTube

R Esports had claimed the victory in the first match of the day with a total of 12 finishes which was played among B and C Groups on Erangel. Walkouts were eliminated at the second position with 3 kills while Team Soul ended up taking the second spot on the points table with 11 finishes.

bmps season 1 week 2 day 8
Image via BGMI Esports, YouTube

The second match was won by Esportswala x WSF which was played on the Miramar map with 7 kills and they eliminated the last player of 7 SEA Esports at the #2 spot with 7 finishes where Sarang alone took 7 kills. Team XO finished third and Sarang had taken down two players of XO which led to their elimination in this match.

bmps season 1 day 8
Image via BGMI Esports, YouTube

OR Esports signed their eighth and ninth chicken dinner in the event by winning the third and fourth matches with 7 and 8 finishes respectively. The team holds the highest number of position points and highest number of finishes along with the overall points. They are #1 in a maximum number of criteria.

The fifth match was won by Marcos Gaming where Dionysus did a brilliant 1vs3 against Big Brother Esports to claim their win. BB Esports secured 8 finishes which led them to the top of the table with 20 points. R esports got out from the match early but managed to secure 11 frags.

Team INS emerged victorious in the last and final match of Week 2 of the League stage with 10 finishes. 7 Sea Esports was placed at #2 on the table with 9 finishes while R Esports was in the third position with 10 frags.

With that, IQOO Battlegrounds Mobile Pro Series Season 1 League Stage Week 2 concludes. There is still one week left to go to decide which teams will make it to the finals. The top six teams will not have to worry as they got enough points to advance to the next stage. They just need to defend their positions in the final week.

The rest of the teams would have to hit the cutout as the table hypes up with the points. One should note that the final week is the week of chaos and one can witness great BGMI action from all the teams in the final week that takes place from June 2 to June 5. Tune in for the LIVE action that is broadcasted on the official YouTube channels of BGMI, IQOO Esports, and the LOCO Streaming platform.