Pokemon Unite India Open 2023 Grand Finals Featuring Rs 10 Lakhs Prize Pool, Will be LAN Event in Delhi

Top six teams will qualify for 2024 Asia Champions League - India playoffs.

  • Pokemon Unite India Open 2023 Grand Finals are set to take place as a LAN event in Delhi.
  • The tournament features a Rs 10 Lakhs Prize Pool.
  • FS Esports, Team Griffin, Forge Your Legacy, True Gravity have made it to the LAN event.

Pokemon Unite India Open 2023 is an Indian esports tournament which is hosted by The Pokemon Company in partnership with Skyesports. It is one of the biggest MOBA esports tournaments in the country. Pokemon Unite India Open 2023 Grand Finals are set to take place as a LAN event in Delhi.

Pokemon Unite India Open 2023 kicked off on November 6 with Open Qualifiers. The Open qualifiers featured a total of 218 teams and only the top 8 teams had made it to the main event. All matches were played in BO1 format. These qualified teams from the open qualifiers are joined by two direct invited teams which amounts to a total of 10 teams. 

The playoffs of Pokemon Unite India Open 2023 followed a Best-of-three format along with a double-elimination bracket. Only the top  4 teams have qualified for the Grand Finals which are set to take place as a LAN event with the presence of an audience.

Pokemon Unite India Open 2023 Grand Finals LAN Event

pokemon unite
Image via Skyesports

Following is the list of qualified and invited teams in the PUIO 2023 Playoffs:

  1. Team Griffin
  2. Learn from Past
  3. Team SZ
  4. Forge your Legacy
  5. Team Clown 5
  6. Team NDY
  7. Team True Gractiy
  8. Revenant Esports
  9. Team Soul (Invited)
  10. FS Esports (Invited)

As the tournament reached its end, we have the top 4 teams who will be playing at the LAN event. The top 4 teams which have made it to this stage are named below:

  • Team True Gravity
  • Forge Your Legacy
  • FS Esports
  • Team Griffin

Team True Gravity and Forge Your Legacy are placed in the Upper bracket Finals and FS Esports and Team Griffin are placed in the lower bracket Semi-Finals. The team that won the UB Finals will head directly to the Grand Finals while the lost team will have another chance to make it to the finals. The lower bracket Semi-Finals will send the winning team to compete against the lost team in the upper bracket Finals while the losing team in this round will go home. 

The winning team in the lower bracket and the losing team in the upper bracket will be at loggerheads to compete for the remaining spot in the Finals. 

The Grand Finals will be held at KD Jadhav Wrestling Arena, IG Indoor Stadium on November 18 from 1 PM IST. Fans who reside in Delhi can head over to the venue. The organizers have also announced a greet and meet with popular content creators in the Indian Gaming Community. The event will be attended by Undergraduate Gamer (Ayush  Dubey) and Sooneeta.

The tournament will be streamed live on Skyesports official YouTube channel.

At the registration counter, every spectator who attends the event will get a piece of merchandise. They will also receive a lottery ticket, which can be used to win more exciting prizes in the lucky draw held by the host.

Both S8UL and Revenant Esports have a strong presence in Pokemon Unite esports. Revenant Esports even represented India on a global stage after winning the Indian regional qualifier. S8UL have won the PU Indian Championship 2023, and the Spring Championship. It is sad to see both of them have been eliminated from the tournament.

Prize Pool Distribution

The total prize pool of the tournament is Rs 9.5 lakhs which is distributed among the teams as follows:

  • 1st place: Rs 4 lakhs
  • 2nd place: Rs 2.75 lakhs
  • 3rd place: Rs 1.75 lakhs
  • 4th place: Rs 1 lakh

The event also acts as the pathway to the Asia Champions League 2023 for Indian teams. The top six teams of the tournament will be advancing to the Unite Asia Champions League 2023 India Playoffs. The four LAN-qualified teams and Revenant Esports, Clown 5 have been qualified for that International event.

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