BGMS Week 3 Concludes: Chemin Esports Secures Top Spot, Followed by Team XO and Orangutan

BGMS week 3 has been concluded and 16 top teams have made it to the Week 3 Finals.


Yesterday marked the end of BGMI Masters Series Week 3 Qualifiers from which the top 16 performing teams have qualified for the Week 3 Finals. Chemin Esports had put up a nice show with empowering gameplay while securing the top spot with 104 points in 8 matches played in BGMS Week 3.

Team XO and Orangutan Gaming had played consistently this week which bid them second and third sports with 93 & 84 points respectively. Global Esports, TEF, OR, Skylightz and Blind are in fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth positions respectively. Godlike Esports barely managed to qualify for the Finals as they secured the sixteenth position with 51 points while TSM got eliminated as they are in the seventeenth position with the same no.  of points.

Team Soul has also failed to qualify for Week 3 finals and they ended up in the 18th spot. But they have a strong position in the overall standings table as they are now positioned at the third spot. Looking at the overall standings of three weeks, TSM, Hydra and Hyderabad Hydras are eliminated from the overall tournament. TX and Revenant have a little bit of chance and if the bottom teams come up, they are also out from the run.

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BGMI Masters Series (BGMS) Week 3 Finals Qualified Teams from Qualifiers

bgms week 3
Image via Loco
  1. Chemin Esports

2. Team XO

3. Orangutan

4. Global Esports

5. Team Enigma Forever

6. OR Esports

7. Skylightz Gaming


9. Marcos Gaming

10. Enigma Gaming

11. Nigma Galaxy

12. Team Insane Esports

13. 7Sea Esports

14. R Esports

15. FS Esports

16. Team GodLike

The teams ranked from 17 – 24 failed to qualify for Week 3 Finals and the teams include TSM, Soul, 8 Bit, Rivalry, Revenant, Hyderabad Hydras, X Spark, and Hydra. 8 Bit also holds a steady spot on the overall standings and they are going to qualify for the Grand Finals.

TSM had an awful event with their downfall in this event and they were eliminated from the tournament as well. It was the same for Hyderabad Hydras and Hydra officials who had performed well in the BMPS.

Seeing at the overall standings, we can expect XO, OG, Soul, 8Bit, CES, Insane, Godl and Blind will make it to the Grand Finals. For the rest of the teams, we have to wait until the Week 3 Finals to complete.

Week 3 Finals will take place from 8 July to 10th July and 16 qualified teams will play a total of 12 matches over the course of three days. Fans can catch the LIVE of the event on Star Sports 2 TV channel, Loco and Glance at 8:00 PM IST to watch the teams fighting for Rs 25 Lakh Prize Money.