100+ Birthday Wishes for Friend and Best Friend (2023): A Collection of Heartfelt and Funny Messages

Discover heartfelt and creative birthday wishes for your friend. Celebrate their special day with warm and meaningful birthday messages to make them feel cherished and loved.


Birthdays are a time to commemorate life’s accomplishments and treasure the memories that have been made. Finding the right words to communicate your love and affection for a friend, family member, or work colleague can occasionally be difficult. In response, we are here. To help you express your sentiments and make your loved one’s birthday even more memorable, we’ve collected over 100 sincere and unique birthday wishes in this post.

Simple Birthday Wishes for Friend

1. Greetings on your birthday! May you have a happy and humorous day.

2. “Wishing you a wonderful birthday filled with love and good times.”

3.”Here’s to another year filled with amazing adventures. Wishing you a happy birthday, dear friend.

4.”May your birthday be as wonderful as you are. I hope you have a wonderful day.

5. On your wonderful day, I’m sending you warm birthday greetings and a big hug.

6. “Let’s toast to another year of friendship and enjoyment. We wish you a happy birthday.

7. “Wishing you nothing but the best in life. “Happy birthday, buddy!”

8. “May your day be full of love, joy, and all of your favourite things. We wish you a happy birthday.

9. “Another year older, but you just become better with age. Happy birthday, my great friend!”

10.”Let’s celebrate another amazing year of your existence. We wish you a happy birthday.

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Heartfelt Birthday Messages for Friend


1. “Friends like you are valuable and so hard to find. I wanted to let you know how much your friendship meant to me on your birthday. Let’s toast to another year filled with love and joy.”

2. “A good friend is a source of unending delight as well as more than simply a shoulder to weep on. Cheers to the one who brings joy into my life. I wish my friend a happy birthday.”

3. “The duration of your friendship with someone is irrelevant. It’s about the person who entered your life and demonstrated their commitment to you. Happy birthday, my truest buddy!”

4. “May you always have the strength to keep going and achieve all that you work so hard for. I wish you a very happy birthday my dearest buddy!”

5. “My lovely friend made my birthday even more special. I appreciate your kind words.”

6. “Happy birthday to my buddy, may your day be full of love, laughter, and all the things that make you joyful. Nothing but the best will do for you. Happy birthday!”

7. “In my life, my connection with you has given me strength and joy. I want to say how much I appreciate having you as a friend and how much you mean to me on your birthday. “Happy birthday!”

8. “May this year be the best one yet, full of fresh experiences, priceless memories, and all the success you deserve. Happy birthday to a buddy who is deserving of only the best.”

9. “Remember that you have friends who love and value you as you celebrate another year of your extraordinary existence. Making your day special just like you is our goal. Salutations on your birthday.”

10.”I hope your birthday is as bright and lovely as your heart, dear friend since you are the one that makes even the darkest days brighter. I wish you a happy birthday, dear friend.”

Funny Birthday Messages for Friend

1. “You don’t seem a day older than 16! I shut my eyes and watched from a distance. “Happy birthday!”🎉

2. “Age-related vision loss is nothing to worry about. Nature is attempting to shield you from shock as you pass the mirror.🤣😅

3. “A wise man once remarked, “Forget about your past, you cannot change it.” To that, I would want to add, “Forget about your present as I didn’t get you one. A very Happy birthday!”🎉🎂

4. “I didn’t get you a present because life has already given you the best one, and that is me. Happy Birthday!”🎉

5. “Well done for making it through another orbit around the sun! You are clearly doing something right and I am glad.”🎉☺️

6. “Happy birthday to my dear friend who isn’t aging at all… And most certainly not acting it.”🥳

7. “I would definitely pee on you if you got stung by a jellyfish. That is how much I value you and I’m glad you’re here. Don’t tell anybody I said that and a very happy birthday!”😅🎉🎂

8. “You are officially ancient but let us be glad you’re alive and well. Happy Birthday!”🎂🥳

9. “I would have created a humorous card for you, but I am aware that bladder control issues can arise as you age. Greetings on your birthday dear friend!”🎁🥳

10. “Congratulations on your extremely old birthdate.”🥳🎂

Inspirational Birthday Wishes for Friend


1. “May you revive the fire within of you to go after your hobbies and live the life of your dreams as you blow out the candles on your cake. Happy birthday, dear friend.”🎂♥️

2. “Remember that you can accomplish everything you set your mind to on your birthday. Have faith in your goals and in yourself. Greetings on your birthday, my wise friend.”♥️

3. “On your birthday today I want you to remember what you have always taught me. The sky is the limit and you can achieve anything once you set your mind in the direction toward it. More power to you and a very happy birthday.”😊

4. “Your birthday serves as a reminder of both your progress and your potential, not just of how old you are getting. Strive to achieve your goals.”🥰

5. “You are the explorer in life, after all. May your birthday mark the beginning of an exciting new chapter full of successes.”🥰🤩

6. “Another year, another opportunity to pursue your aspirations and reach your objectives. May you have the most fruitful year yet. I’m glad you’re here.”🥰🎂

7. “You have the ability to make your dreams come true, so never stop believing in yourself. I hope your birthday is full of grit and accomplishment!”🎉🎂

8. “Every year, you gain knowledge, strength, and fortitude. All of us are inspired by your adventure. My friend, keep shining. “Happy birthday!”🥰😊

9. “Each day is a brilliant brushstroke on the canvas that is your life. Wishing you a lifetime of happiness and success on your birthday.”♥️♥️

10. “Make the years matter, don’t count the years. The best is still to come for you and your adventure has only just begun. Happy birthday to someone with endless promise!”🎂🤩

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Sentimental Birthday Messages for Friend 

1. “Life has been full of ups and downs and I wouldn’t have been able to come this far if it wasn’t for you, my friend. On your birthday today, I thank God for your existence.”🫂♥️

2. “I have more courage to keep moving forward and that is because of you my dear friend. Happy Birthday to you.”♥️🎂

3. “Just when I thought I could never trust anybody else, you came into my life and changed everything. Thank you for restoring my faith and a very happy birthday to you my friend”🥰🎂🎉

4. “Nobody knows me like you do and that makes my life so easier. I couldn’t be where I am today without you. Happy Birthday!”🥰🎂

5. “Thank you for being an angel and saving me from some of the darkest times in my life. I appreciate you today and every day. Happiest Birthday!”🫂🎂🎉

6. “I stand tall because I know I have you by my side no matter what. Thank you for everything you

7. “You have seen me at my worst and still make me feel like I am the best. I cannot thank you enough for the validation and confidence boost. Happy Birthday my dear!🎂🎉

8. “No one could do what you have done for me and that too so gracefully. I appreciate you so much. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday.”♥️

9. “You have given me hope and you have given me strength, to keep moving forward. Thank you for walking with me through the dark times. Happiest Birthday sweetheart!”☺️♥️

10. “If it wasn’t for you, I don’t know where I would be right now. Thank you for being a knight in shining armor. Wishing you the best birthday!”🎂🎉

Belated Birthday Wishes for Friend 

1. “Apologies for missing your special day my friend I hope you had a joyous birthday and I wish you luck for everything you do. Belated Happy Birthday!”☺️♥️

2. “I missed your big day but hope it was full of unforgettable moments. Belated Happy Birthday to you my lovely friend!”🎂

3. “I didn’t think I would be fashionably late for wishing you on your birthday. Sorry about that but belated happy birthday my dear friend I hope you had a blast on your special day”🎉♥️

4. “Belated happy birthday, dear friend! I hope your day was as beautiful as you are may this year be filled with success, laughter, and endless blessings.”♥️

5. “Even though I’m a day late, my love and gratitude for you are never late. Happy belated birthday to a remarkable friend! You deserve all the happiness in this world.”☺️🥰

6. “Please know that even though life got in the way and I forgot to wish you a happy birthday, I’m constantly thinking of you. Happy birthday, dear friend, belatedly!”

7. “Even though I wasn’t there, I hope you had a fantastic birthday celebration. Happy belated birthday to the one who is deserving of the greatest joy. Hoping to see you real soon.”♥️

8. “I was indeed late to the party but I don’t want to be late in appreciating your existence. I hope your day was special and unforgettable and may this coming year and all years to come are full of love and happiness my friend. Belated Happy Birthday!”♥️

9. “Sending you sincere apologies along with belated birthday wishes and also a big warm virtual hug. I hope your day was as special my friend and I hope we get to see each other soon. keep conquering the world with your wit and charm.”

10. “I’m sorry I missed the cake, the candles, and the celebration, but I won’t miss the opportunity to wish you a wonderful year ahead. Happy birthday, dear friend, belatedly! I hope your days are full of love, laughter, and opportunities.”

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Poetic Birthday Messages for Friend

1. “As the sun rises on your birthday,

May your dreams take flight and lead the way.

With each passing year, like a fine red wine,

You grow more precious and become one of a kind.”🥂 🎉

2. “On this day, like a rose in bloom,

Your radiance eradicates anything that is gloom.

With beauty and grace, you light our night,

Happy birthday dearest friend I hope that your future is extremely bright.”🌹♥️

3. “May the chapters of life ahead be filled with delight,

As you navigate this wondrous flight.

With each birthday, a new verse is penned,

In the book of your life, we’re grateful to blend my friend.”♥️

4. “Another year has come to pass,

Yet your spirit my lovely friend, remains steadfast.

Like a river flowing, winding free,

Your life’s journey is a delightful sight to see.”

5. “With each passing year, you only shine,

Happy birthday, dear friend, sincerely, forever thine.”♥️☺️

6. “On this day, like a song, you’re in your prime,

Celebrate life, my dear friend, it’s your time.”🥂♥️

7. “A birthday candle’s gentle glow,

For you my friend, there’s much love I need to show. 

May your life’s story, with each new line,

Be a poem of joy, forever divine.”

8. “On this day, let your spirit chime,

Happy birthday to my dear friend, my partner in crime”😅♥️

9. “With every year that comes to pass,

happy birthday my friend, your presence makes life a vibrant mass.”🎉

10. “As the river of time flows and seasons turn,

May your birthday flame my friend, forever burn.”🎁🎉

Long-Distance Birthday Wishes for Friend

1. “You might not be in the house next door anymore and there may be a few seas between us, on your birthday today, I am sending you all the love from across the world.” ♥️🎉🎉

2. “Sending you a long and warm virtual hug on your special day my dearest friend. Distance has nothing on us. Choicest wishes and loads of love.”🎉🎂

3. “Wishing you a birthday that’s as bright and beautiful as the connection we share. No matter the distance between us, our friendship remains strong. I hope you enjoy your special day and have so much fun.”🎂🥳

4. “I know we will not be able to spend your special day together because you are on the other side of the world, but I hope today is full of laughter and special moments that are captured forever, in your heart. Happy Birthday dear!”🥰🎂

5. “Happiest Birthday dearest friend I am grateful for the technology that has kept us so close even though you are so far away. Hoping that you have a gala time today and every day.”🎂🎉

6. “Happy Birthday my friend, I know there are miles between us but I hope have a fantastic day and an even better year ahead that is full of opportunities and special moments.”🎂🥰

7. “The miles between us are not enough to shake our bond and even though we can’t celebrate this special day together I hope it is one that you remember forever and cherish dearly. Happy Birthday dearest friend I wish you good luck in all your endeavours.”♥️🎂🎉

8. “I miss having you around every day but today on your birthday, I miss you a little more and really wish that we could spend this day together. Happiest birthday my friend I hope you have a blast and we get to celebrate the next one together.”

9. “My love and admiration for you only grow deeper as the distance between us widens. Happy birthday to my dear friend. I absolutely adore you!”🫂♥️🎂

10. “Know that you’re close to my heart no matter where the map places us. I’m toasting your health, happiness, and the fulfillment of all of your dreams on your birthday. Celebrating you every day!”🎉♥️🎂

Short and Sweet Birthday Wishes for Friend 

1. “Nothing but laughter and good times ahead! Happy Birthday! 🤗

2. “Celebrating your existence today and every day! Cheers!”🥂

3. “Sending you lots of love and positivity on your special day. Happy Birthday!”🎂🎉

4. “Choicest wishes for your birthday, my friend. Good luck for another wonderful year.”🥰

5. “Happy birthday my wonderful friend. All the best for everything you do.”☺️♥️

6. “Here’s to another year full of adventure and opportunities!”🎉

7. “I hope your birthday is as special as you are!”🥳🎂

8. “Happy Birthday! More power to you.”🎉🎂

9. “Cheers to happiness and friendship! Happiest Birthday dear friend!”🥂♥️

10. “Sending you the warmest hug on your birthday.”🫂♥️

Thoughtful and Meaningful Birthday Messages for a friend and best friend 

Wishes for a Best friend

1. “Happy birthday to one the best people in my life. Nobody understands me as you do and I am so thankful for that every day”♥️

2. “Having you in my life has made me a better person. I am grateful and I wish you a very happy birthday my dearest best friend”🥰

3. “Having you as my best friend has given me the courage to overcome all obstacles because I know you will be there to watch me when I fall. I love you and a very happy birthday to you!”☺️🎂

4. “Today is the day when my best friend made this world a better place by being born. Happiest Birthday! Celebrating you today!”☺️🫂

5. “You have loved me unconditionally even after seeing me at my worst. Thank you for being the best best friend. Happy Birthday to you!”

Wishes for a friend🥂♥️

6. “I just wanted to let you know how thankful I am to have you as a friend on your special day. You make my life so much happier and more optimistic. Happy birthday!”🤗♥️

7. “May you have a birthday that is full of joy, love, and all the things that make you happy. I look forward to many more years filled with experiences and special memories with you.”💕🎂

8. “To the buddy who has been there for me through it all, I wish you a birthday as lovely and bright as your heart. I appreciate how great of a person you are.”☺️💖

9. “You are an exceptional friend and I am grateful that I know you in this lifetime. Happy Birthday lovely. Cheers to our friendship.”🥂💜

10. “We’re getting older, but we’ve also made amazing memories together. May our friendship keep getting better. I wish you a happy birthday, dear friend.”💜🎂🎉

Birthday Quotes for Your Best Friend

1. “I’m eager to celebrate my closest friend’s birthday in style and let everyone know!”💜🥳

2. “I’m so grateful to celebrate another special day of yours with you my best friend.”♥️🫂

3. “Here’s to celebrating the birthday queen/king today!”🥳🎂

4. “My best friend is better than yours and we are going all out on her/his birthday today”🎉🥳

5. “You play the essential role of my best buddy in the story of my life. May you have a wonderful birthday filled with love, joy, and everything you deserve.”💖🎂

6. “Best friends are similar to stars; even if you may not always see them, you know they are always there. Many birthday blessings to the finest star in my life!”💖🥰

7. “Growing older is a given, but becoming an adult is not. Here’s to having a young heart forever. Happy birthday to my dear friend!”💙

8. “It’s my best friend’s birthday today, and I’m celebrating by yelling it from the rooftops!”😀💕

9. “When you have the proper people at your side, anything is possible. I am blessed, Happy Birthday my friend.”🎂🥳

10.  “Life is a wonderful journey, and I’m pleased to have you along for the ride. Cheers to your birthday, my dear friend. Together, let’s continue to create memories.”🎉🎉🥳