100+ ways to say Thank You for your Birthday Wishes

Find the perfect words to convey appreciation in various situations and make your 'thank you' truly meaningful.


Birthdays are about recognizing the connections and love that make our lives richer, not just cake and candles. The barrage of congratulations and good wishes from friends and family is among the most endearing features of a birthday. However, how do you reply to all the encouraging remarks and messages? We can help with that.

In this article, we’ve gathered a treasure trove of more than 100 original and sincere ways to express gratitude for the birthday wishes you’ve received. We have you covered whether you’re searching for a straightforward and sincere response or a special and unforgettable one.

Best Thank You Messages for Birthday

1. Many thanks for the birthday wishes. It is wonderful to hear from all of my favourite people on Earth, even if it has been another long year and I have aged another number.🥰

2. “The outpouring of love and support I got on my birthday made me feel grateful and humbled. I am deeply grateful for your kindness.”😘

3. “As I mark another year of life, I want to express my gratitude to all of you for the heartfelt birthday wishes. Your words certainly made my day wonderful.”

4. “My heart was gladdened by your birthday wishes, dear friends and family. I am very grateful to have each of you in my life.”❤️

5. “The love and friendship I received from every one of you was the finest part of my birthday. I appreciate you being a part of my journey and making my day wonderful.”

6. “I’m so grateful for the birthday greetings, cards, and presents. Your kindness and affection.”💕

7. “I want to sincerely thank everyone who helped to make my birthday so memorable. I appreciate everything you did for me, including your kind words and thoughtful presents.”💝

8.”I’m so appreciative of the birthday love and greetings I got, my heart is overflowing with appreciation. I am very grateful to you all for making my day extraordinary.”🎉😘

9. “I want to express my gratitude for the birthday wishes and the affection that I received. The best presents I have ever received come from your messages and being in my life.”🥰

10. “I’m incredibly appreciative of all the love and wonderful wishes that I received on my special day. I was very moved by your thoughtfulness.”

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Personalized Thank You Messages for Birthday 

1. I sincerely appreciate the kind words and well wishes. I really appreciate it.

2. I’m so grateful that God sent me an angel like you. I appreciate your support constantly and the thoughtful birthday wishes.

3. Truly, you are a buddy. Even when you are far away, you make the effort to think of me. I miss you so much and thank you for your wonderful wishes.❤️💕

4. I appreciate you never forgetting my birthday and your nice thoughtful wishes. Truly made my day!

5. For sending me an angel like you, God is awesome. For your unwavering support and thoughtful birthday wishes, I am grateful.

6. True friends like you exist. You spare time to think of me even while we are miles apart. Looking forward to making up for lost time.💗😍

7. You made my day happier and I appreciate your kind words. I’m delighted I have a friend like you.

8. You have filled my life with positivity and showered me with your affection on my birthday. My life is better because of you.

9. Your kind late-night birthday message to me was really kind of you. Also, don’t forget to join me tomorrow for my celebration.💖

10. I’m incomplete without you in my life. I appreciate the kind words and sweet card you sent for my birthday.🥰💝

Creative and Poetic Thank You Messages for Birthday

1. “With each desire, a candle is lit, igniting a flame of love that never dies. Your birthday wishes worked like a charm to fill me with happiness and tenderness that words cannot express. Thank you for brightening my day so much.”❤️

2.”Your birthday greetings gave me hope and helped me cope; they were like feathers in the wind. Every phrase contains a rainbow’s arch and a difficult-to-marshal promise of love. Thank you for your generosity; this is truly a work of art.”☺️❤️

3. “Your birthday greetings were the bright stars in my night, illuminating the way through the shadows. You’ve made my birthday an incredible journey with every phrase, a chapter of happiness.”😄😇💖

4. “With your birthday greetings, you painted the skies like a poet and gave me wings. Your greetings will remain in the fabric of life as a work of love to be displayed eternally.”❤️

5. “Like showers in May, your birthday wishes wonderfully refreshed my soul. Thank you for making my special day so lovely, like a sonnet of pure love.”💕☺️

6. “Your birthday greetings played a lovely tune in the symphony of life. Your generosity sparkles like a magnificent jewel in the moonlight. Thank you for making my day, which won’t soon end.”

7. “On my special day, your words painted my heart with love like the brilliant colors of a beautiful flower. You made my skies so blue by bringing joy to every wish. I appreciate you helping dreams come true, dear friend.”💝❤️

8. “Your birthday wishes fired up my heart, soar high like the stars that shine in the midnight sky. Your words will live on in the pages of my life. You made my birthday very special, so I’m grateful.”🤗

9.”Each birthday greeting was a whisper from your heart, a river of love that made me entire. I have memories to carry onto forever thanks to your sincere remarks, which are like a chest of gold.”

10. “In the garden of life, your wishes were the blooms, with each petal containing love that looms eternally. My heart has been filled with joy by your birthday wishes.”🥰

Humorous Thank You Messages for Birthday


1. I appreciate the birthday greetings! If anyone is still shopping, I’ll take late presents.🥳

2. “If you promise to keep sending awesome birthday wishes, I’ll promise to keep getting older!”😋

3. “Thanks for the happy birthday greetings; I felt like a rock star. Today is the formal start of my world tour.”😂

4. I’m very sure that receiving so many birthday wishes makes me forced to host a week-long celebration. Who’s coming?🥳

5. “You guys are top-notch! Thank you for the birthday greetings, and don’t worry, I’m not keeping track of the cake’s candles.”😻

6. I’ve grown older and wiser by another year, at least that’s what the birthday greetings keep telling me.🥳

7. Although I appreciate the birthday greetings, let’s be honest: I’m really just there for the cake.🥰

8. “Thank you for the birthday greetings! When I’m famous, I’ll think of you all, I swear.🎂

9. My heart was warmed by your birthday wishes, and the cake filled my tummy. What more is there to ask for?

10.”I’ve made the decision to stop aging. I appreciate the birthday greetings that help me achieve my life’s objectives.”

Thank You Messages for Family


1. I’m extremely grateful to have relatives and friends who know me so well. More than words can say, I’m grateful for your thoughtful birthday present. Many thanks.❤️🤗

2. You made my day happier and my heart lighter, dear family. You won’t ever understand how much I cherish each of you. I’m grateful that you are my rock.☺️🎉

3. “Your well wishes make me think about my amazing family,” you wrote. Having each of you in my life is a blessing. I appreciate how amazing you made my day.”🫶

4. “I was extremely moved by your wishes for my cherished family. The warmth and affection you bring into my life are appreciated.”

5. “Your wishes made my heart fill with love and thankfulness because, as the saying goes, “Family is where the heart finds its home. I appreciate you being there without fail.”❤️☺️

6. “The lovely wishes from my family have made me happy and grateful. The best present you could give me is your love.”

7. “The sincere greetings from you my family added even more meaning to my special day. I’m constantly in awe of your love and kindness. Many thanks.”

8. “I’m incredibly fortunate to have a family like mine. I am extremely appreciative of each of you and your wishes have touched my heart.”

9. “Your well wishes were the finest present I got this year. Dear family, I appreciate your unfailing love and assistance.”💗

10. “To my incredible family, thank you very much for your love and well wishes. I appreciate you helping to make my day so special.”

Thank You Messages for Friends


1. “Glad to have such a wonderful friend like you. Thank you for your lovely wishes they have made my day.”🫶

2. Having so many people contact me yesterday was good. On my birthday, I appreciate you making me feel special.🥳🙏

3. “I consider myself extremely fortunate to have friends like you since your sincere greetings added an extra wonderful touch to my birthday. To me, your love meant everything.”😘

4. “I appreciate the lovely birthday greetings, dear friends. The best present I could ever receive is your presence in my life.”💖🫶🥳

5. “Thanks to your love and encouragement, my birthday was made even more special. I was extremely moved by your birthday greetings.”😘

6. “Your birthday greetings, to my wonderful pals, made me happy and made me feel warm within. I’m extremely appreciative of your friendship.”🤗🥰

7. “I sincerely appreciate the lovely birthday messages from my good friends, and I want to thank them. Your words certainly made my day wonderful.”💝🎉

8. “Thanks for the happy birthday wishes; they brightened my day.”😘🥰

9. On my special day, receiving your birthday wishes was like receiving a ray of sunlight. I appreciate how great of a friend you are.😘

10. I want to thank all of my amazing friends for their birthday wishes, which serve as a reminder of our excellent relationships. Each of you has my gratitude.🫶

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Thank You Messages for Colleagues or Coworkers 

1. Thank you for your thoughtful and kind wishes. Working with you has been insightful and amazing. 

2. I have learned so much from you in these past few months. Thank you for your wonderful wishes and thank you for making work easier. 💗

3. “I wanted to express my sincere gratitude to all of my amazing coworkers for the birthday greetings. Your kind sentiments brightened my day even more.”🫶😘

4. “I sincerely appreciate the birthday greetings and wishes from you. Working with you has been fun. Your kindness made my day better.”💖💖

5. “I would like to thank everyone for their kind thoughts and well wishes on my birthday. I’m blessed to work with such wonderful people.”💙💘

6. “To my wonderful coworkers, thank you so much for the birthday greetings. I appreciate you sharing on my special day.”

7. “I consider myself incredibly lucky to work with such a wonderful bunch of peers. Your birthday greetings warmed my heart and made me grin. I’m grateful.”🤍

8. “My coworkers’ generosity and love towards me on my birthday have completely overwhelmed me. I appreciate how you helped me feel like a valuable member of the team.”❣️

9. “I’d like to sincerely thank my coworkers for making my birthday at work so joyful. Your good thoughts and smiles made my day.

10. It has been a privilege working with you and you have filled me with gratitude and warmth by sending such lovely wishes. Thank You so much!💞❤️🧡

Thank You Messages for Social Media


1. “Words cannot describe how appreciative I am for the wonderful birthday wishes that have flooded my social media. My day was definitely unforgettable. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you.”💗💖💘

2. “A huge thank you to everyone whose kind remarks and well wishes on social media made my birthday especially special. You are incredible.”

3.”Being surrounded by such wonderful people makes me feel very blessed. Thank you for sharing with the world how you feel about me. I appreciate you, dear friends.”💙💜

4.”I want to express my sincere gratitude to everyone who sent birthday wishes on social media. I’m very appreciative of your presence in my life and your words, which spoke to my spirit.”

5. “I’m overwhelmed by love and gratitude for all the birthday wishes I’ve received on my timeline. I cracked a smile after each message. Everyone, thank you.🩶❣️

6. “I’m very appreciative of all the birthday messages that have flooded my social media. You all helped to make my day absolutely special. Thankyou so much”💚💛

7. “I’m very grateful to my wonderful friends and family for taking the time to wish me a happy birthday on social media. I appreciate you making my day bright.💛😘🥰😍

8. “I’m blown away by the affection and generosity displayed on my birthday. Your comments on social media warmed my heart. I appreciate everyone’s help in making my day so spectacular.

9. “Thank you for celebrating my birthday on social media, to all of my lovely friends and contacts.”🥰😘

10. “Having such wonderful friends and family is a true blessing for me. Your social media birthday greetings made me feel grateful and happy. Thanks a ton”💝

Belated Thank You Messages for Birthday 

1. Your birthday wishes are still appreciated even though it took me a bit longer to respond. I appreciate your care and how you made my day special.💜💙

2. Even though I’m an adult in God’s eyes now, I still put things off like a child. I appreciate you coming to my special day so much.

3. “I know I’m a little late, but I just wanted to say thanks for the birthday wishes. Even though I’m late in responding, your wishes truly made my day.”💞

4. “I may have gotten the exact moment wrong, but I didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to say thank you for the kind birthday wishes. It means a lot to me that we are friends.”😍🥰

5. “I appreciate you waiting patiently for my reply. I appreciate the birthday greetings and having friends like you in my life.”

6. “Your kind words made my day and I am a little late telling you how much I appreciate them and how special I have felt because of you. Thank you so much!”

7. “Sorry for the delay in my response, but I wanted to express my sincere gratitude for the birthday wishes.”😘

8. “You know, better late than never. I appreciate your kind birthday greetings so much. Your consideration and thoughtful words mean a lot to me.”😀😄

9. “Really wish you could be a part of the celebration and thank you so much for the kind words. Sorry for the delay. I did have a great time and I am hoping to see you soon.”🤩

10. “Life got in the way and I didn’t get a chance to thank you in a timely manner, but I still want to express my gratitude for your birthday greetings. Thanks a ton!”🥰

Thank-you messages for Birthday Gifts

1. I appreciate the wonderful birthday gift and your kind words. My heart is overflowing with love and happiness.

2. I adore you; you are a treasure. Similar to you, your gift was unique. You made my day special, so I’m grateful.

3. I appreciate the thoughtful items you sent as well as the heartfelt birthday greetings. That you are in my life is a privilege.”😘🥳

4. “Your birthday gift was proof that you have an infinite capacity for generosity. I appreciate your kindness, your wonderful friendship, and your constant support.

5. “Thank you so much for taking the time and making the effort to select a thoughtful birthday present for me. I appreciate this gesture truly”☺️😘

6. “Even though I didn’t realize I wanted it, your birthday gift was just what I needed. I’m grateful for your existence.”

7. My birthday was made even more special because of your carefully picked present. I appreciate your thoughtfulness and your friendship.😘💛

8. It was a pleasant surprise to get your birthday gift. I’m grateful that you made my special day happier.

9. “The lovely birthday gift you gave me genuinely reflects your generosity and care. I appreciate how amazing you made my day.

10. Your birthday gift made me happy and filled my heart with love. I want to thank you for making my day special.💝