Best Dude Theft Wars Cheat Codes for 2023

Wish to know the Dude Theft Wars cheats? Here's the full list.


Dude Theft Wars is a very popular open-world game. In this, a player can practically do anything he/she wants in an enormous city full of possibilities. With 100 million plus downloads, the game is expected to grab more users in the coming time. To help you experience the full potential of the game, here, we’re providing you with the cheats of Dude Theft Wars.

Dude Theft Wars Cheats (New and Active)

dude theft wars

This is the full list of active cheat codes of Dude Theft Wars.

  • Nosforever – for increasing the speed of a car.
  • Moongravity – for an unknown reward.
  • Tinydudes – to make yourself small.
  • Giantdudes – to make yourself giant.
  • SpawnBanana – for spawning Banana
  • SpawnEgg – for spawning Egg
  • SpawnMilk – for spawning Milk
  • SpawnToy – for spawning Toy
  • SpawnGift – for spawning Gift
  • SpawnADude – for spawning a dude
  • Heytaxi – to call cars toward the player.
  • Night – to transform the time into night.
  • Evening – to transform the time into evening.
  • AlienInVasion – for spawning Alien
  • SpookySkeleton – for spawning Skeleton
  • SpawnGhosts – for spawning Ghosts
  • SpawnBats – for spawning Bats
  • SpawnFootBall – for spawning Soccer Ball
  • ChadAxe – Spawns Chad’s Axe
  • Dudebolt – for an unknown reward.
  • Popoplz – to get rid of the police.
  • Crowd 99 – to increase the crowd size.
  • Rockets – for spawning fireworks
  • Day – to transform the time into morning.
  • Suppahotslap – to get a special slap weapon.
  • Dudekong – to explode nearby cars.
  • Antdude – to go small like an ant.
  • Bankrob – for spawning a bag of money
  • MakeMeRich – for spawning the fake money
  • Party – for spawning a column
  • TinyDudes – All NPCs get lowercase
  • AntDude – Jack gets lowercase
  • Dudekong – Jack gets anti-hero
  • Dudebolt – The player gets faster
  • Suppahotslap – The player gets a strong slap
  • PopoPlz – The player gets five stars of the wanted level
  • ChibiTown – All NPCs get a big head
  • LockRichie – Locks Richie (make Richie unplayable)
  • MakeHouse – Makes House
  • MakeBuilding – Makes Building
  • MakeRamp – Makes Ramp
  • MakeRoad – Makes Road
  • MakeParkHouse – Makes Alcove
  • MakeFence – Makes Fence
  • MakeWaterTank – Makes Water Tank
  • MakeWindTurbine – Makes Wind Turbine
  • MakeTree – Makes Tree
  • MakePineLong – Makes PineLong
  • MakeBirch – Makes Birch
  • MakePine – Makes Pine
  • MakePinkTree – Makes Pink Tree
  • MakeOrangeTree – Makes Orange Tree
  • MakeGrass – Makes Grass
  • MakeFlowers – Makes Flowers
  • MakeBush – Makes Bush
  • MakeLamp – Makes Lamp
  • MakeMeRich – Makes Fake Cash
  • MakeSpaceTower – Makes Tower From Center
  • UnlockRichie – UNLocks Richie (make Richie playable)

Dude Theft Wars Cheats (Expired)

Below are the cheats that are expired in Dude Theft Wars. Though, you can try is one, but, better to keep the hopes low.

  • Cashcash99999999 – it was for unlimited money.
  • SuperMan – the player gets invulnerability for a few seconds
  • Carboom – explodes the car nearby
  • MakeClocktower – makes the clock tower

Download: Dude Theft Wars

How to redeem these cheats?

After getting your hands on the new and active cheat codes, it is better to know how to redeem them. For this:

  • Load the game and look for the mobile icon at the left
  • Choose the ‘cheat.exe’ and then enter the code
  • At last, press enter to confirm the cheat code

and enjoy the game.


So, this was all regarding the full new and active cheat code list of the Dude Theft Wars. Make sure to go through the process of how to redeem them. Even better to update the game before proceeding.


Are Dude Theft Wars cheats safe to use?

Yes, these Dude Theft Wars cheats are completely safe to use. Just, make sure that the game is updated.

What is the Dude Theft Wars cheat code for money?

It was the “Cashcash99999999” for the unlimited money. But, now it has expired.