Full Form of SMH: What Does SMH Mean in Social Media and How to Use it Correctly?

The SMH word is a popular acronym and it is mainly used in social media during chatting or tweeting.


While using social media you must have faced a situation where you want to describe a situation as more than worse but do not have words for it. And no words feel appropriate at that time. That’s where SMH comes in. The SMH word is a popular acronym and it is mainly used in social media during chatting or tweeting. In this article, we are going to talk about the word SMH, its full form, what it means and its origin. Without any further ado, let’s get started.

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Full Form of SMH

SMH is an abbreviation that is used for expressing the body language ‘Shaking My Head’. This word is used to express grief over someone’s comment, action, or event. A person who uses SMH doesn’t mean that they are using it for themselves only but for others also. You don’t need to describe your disappointing reaction fully with a proper sentence instead, you can just use SMH and let the other person know what you want to say.

How SMH Originated?

SMH, also referred to as Shaking My Head, was first added to the Dictionary in 2004. The word was first added to Urban Dictionary on February 14, 2004. The dictionary defines the word as something which is used in response to an act that is stupid and no words can do justice to it. The word SMH has gained over 20,100 upvotes and 10,400 downvotes over 11 years. It is now used in memes, GIFs, gipsy, and photos. As per Google Trends, the SMH was at its peak search volume in June 2011.

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How to Use SMH on Social Media?

The SMH is mainly used on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. It means shaking my head. It refers to disappointment, frustration, disbelief, disagreement and such emotions. The word is used to reply to someone’s behaviour, statement, comments, or an event.

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Here’re some examples of how you can use the term OP on social media.

  • A Twitter user was supporting his favourite IPL team in the finale but they lost, he tweets,” The Rajasthan Royals should have won the game but they missed that shot. SMH!”.
  • A father asks his son if he would like to take him to watch a basketball match in the stadium. To which the son replies, “SMH”. It means that the son is less interested in watching a basketball match with his father.

Other Popular Internet Phrases That Goes with SMH

Just like SMH, there are other cool internet phrases that are being used by users in their inboxes. Here’re some helpful acronyms that you should know while using social media.

Short Form Full Form
TBH To be honest
DM Private message
AMA Ask me anything
ROFL Rolling on floor laughing
TTYL Talk to you later
FYI For your information
BTW By the way