Funny Group Names: 100+ WhatsApp Group Names for Friends that are Crazy and Funny


Are you looking for a hilarious group name for your friends or team? Whether you’re part of a sports team, a group of coworkers, or just a bunch of friends who love to have a good time, a funny group name can add a lot of personality to your crew. From puns to pop culture references, there are endless possibilities for funny group names to make your group stand out.

While some groups opt for more serious or traditional names, others prefer to inject a bit of humour and personality into their moniker. In this article, we’ll explore some of the funniest group names and offer some inspiration for those looking to add a touch of humour to their group name. And to ensure we have given you ample options, we have listed around 120 Funny Group Names that will be a great fit for your group. Check them out!

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100+ Funny WhatsApp Group Names for Friends

  1. The 3 Musketeers.
  2. Three Musketeers. 
  3. Band of brothers.
  4. Gang of sisters. 
  5. Gully gang. 
  6. Kamina gang. 
  7. Harami brothers. 
  8. Group of kings. 
  9. Players area. 
  10. Gang. 
  11. Inglorious bastards. 
  12. Coffee lovers. 
  13. Single ladies. 
  14. Dumbledore’s Army
  15. Powerpuff Girls. 
  16. Only nonsense. 
  17. The Brady Bunch
  18. The cosmopolitans. 
  19. Comedy of errors. 
  20. Gossip gang. 
  21. Important gossip
  22. Gossip group. 
  23. The friend circle. 
  24. Superheroes. 
  25. Full house. 
  26. Nonstop chat. 
  27. The misfits. 
  28. Handsome hunks. 
  29. Golden girls. 
  30. The Spartans. 
  31. Crazy people 
  32. Crazy guys. 
  33. Crazy girls. 
  34. Swag partners. 
  35. Hackers. 
  36. Charlie’s Angels. 
  37. Pro local boys. 
  38. Market Yard. 
  39. Phone Pals. 
  40. On the Board. 
  41. Swag partners. 
  42. Happy times. 
  43. Good times. 
  44. Beer times. 
  45. Beer lovers group. 
  46. Beer lovers. 
  47. Beer brothers. 
  48. The Abusement Park. 
  49. Sup Group. 
  50. Bachelorette crew. 
  51. Bachelor’s crew. 
  52. Yours Truly
  53. My sister is lining. 
  54. Full on. 
  55. Playing my way. 
  56. Imps and devils. 
  57. Cocktail hour. 
  58. The cocktail hour. 
  59. The Beygency
  60. Friendzone. 
  61. Chaos. 
  62. The alter egos. 
  63. What the Bleep
  64. Tech Ninjas. 
  65. The chosen ones. 
  66. Let’s taco about it. 
  67. The intelligentsia. 
  68. The posse. 
  69. Playing my way. 
  70. Lettuce talk. 
  71. Lettuce converse. 
  72. Spice girls.
  73. Super Marios. 
  74. Recycle bin. 
  75. Sibling dynasty. 
  76. Glass mates. 
  77. Manic messengers. 
  78. The 39ers. 
  79. Busy buddies.
  80. My precious. 
  81. Partners in crime. 
  82. The spicy jets
  83. The ninjas.
  84. Way to hell
  85. Highway to hell
  86. Heartbreak hotel
  87. Trash
  88. The sibs
  89. Cute culprits. 
  90. Let’s chat. 
  91. Manic messengers
  92. The busy buddies. 
  93. The unnamed. 
  94. AVATAR
  95. Sanity check
  96. The Ninjas
  97.  The fellowship
  98. Walkie talkies. 
  99. Brave hearts. 
  100. United enemies. 
  101. Crazy engineers.
  102. Walky talkies. 
  103. Nonveg friends. 
  104. Atomic reactors. 
  105. The dandies. 
  106. Kick ass, boys. 
  107. Lucky charms. 
  108. Ride or die. 
  109. Devils and angels. 
  110. Glowing stars. 
  111. Gossip geese.
  112.  Chor bazaar
  113. Game of phones.
  114. Footballers group.
  115. Footballers for life. 
  116. Ballers for life. 
  117. Modern family. 
  118. Tower of Babel. 
  119. No spam
  120. The dukes. 

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What is the Best Group Name?

The best group name takes into account the nature of the group and the people in it. The best name is something you can come up with after considering all the factors that make up this group. 

What is a Unique Group Name?

A unique group name is something that hasn’t been thought of before. A unique group name takes into account the nature of the group and does not exist anywhere else. 

What are Cool Group Chat Names?

Free vector teenagers friends having fun cartoons

Some cool names include-

  1. Beer lovers
  2. Three Musketeers. 
  3. Band of brothers. 
  4. Band of devils
  5. Gang of devils.
  6. Gully gang. 
  7. Gully boys.
  8. United enemies. 
  9. Crazy engineers.
  10. Walky talkies. 
  11. Nonveg friends. 
  12. Atomic reactors. 
  13. The dandies. 
  14. Kick ass, boys. 
  15. Lucky charms. 
  16. Ride or die.
  17. Lettuce converse. 
  18. Spice girls.
  19. Super Marios. 
  20. Recycle bin.