AMD Introduces Anti-Lag 2 to Combat Latency; Integrated Into Counter-Strike 2

  • AMD has introduced a new latency reduction technology, replacing Anti-Lag and Anti-Lag+.
  • The upgraded version is game-integrated technology and is claimed to take latency reduction to the next level.

AMD has launched the Anti-Lag 2 technical preview, which is a latency reduction technology. The Anti-Lag 2 is an updated version of the Anti-Lag, which was introduced in 2019 to reduce latency and deliver a more responsive gaming experience.

AMD Anti-Lag 2 Now Available on Counter Strike 2

AMD has moved on from a driver solution to game-integrated technology with the launch of the AMD Anti-Lag 2. The semiconductor giant has partnered with Valve to integrate the Radeon Anti-Lag 2 into Counter Strike 2. The Adrenalin Edition driver is also available for an ultimate experience in low-latency gaming.

The Anti-Lag 2 technology will apply the frame alignment in the game code for better frame syncing and work with CPU pacing controlled by the driver. The earlier versions of the Anti-Lag technology reduced the amount of CPU load by controlling the pace of the CPU to align it with the GPU.

The decreased CPU load helps lower input-to-display response times, making games more responsive. Here are the steps to use Radeon Anti-Lag 2 in Counter Strike 2

  1. Download and install Adrenalin Edition 24.5.1 for the Anti-Lag 2 Technical Preview driver.
  2. Open Counter Strike 2 and select the ADVANCED VIDEO Settings menu to check if AMD Anti-Lag 2.0 is enabled by default.

Anit-Lag 2 will be enabled automatically in Counter Strike 2 once the technical preview driver is installed. AMD claims that the latency reduction will amount to 37% on Ryzen G series processors as compared to gameplay without Anti-Lag.

The company also adds that the Radeon Anti-Lag 2 SDK for game developers on GPUOpen will be released, and it will be available with more games in the upcoming months.