Insomniac Games Future Projects and Wolverine PS5 Gameplay Leaked Along with 1.3 Million Files

With all this being leaked, we may expect delays in game releases.

  • Insomniac Games has been hit with one of the biggest leaks in the industry, and 1.7 TB size worth of the company’s details were exposed.
  • The leaks revealed Sony’s investments, Insomniac’s upcoming future projects along with their release timelines and even employees’ personal information.
  • Sony is currently investigating this attack while the hacker group mentioned money was the main motive behind the attack.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 developer, Insomniac Games has been hit with a massive leak by a ransomware gang named Ryhsida. The hacker group acquired a total of 1.67 terabytes of data comprising over 1.3 million files on December 12. They announced an auction price for the data starting at 50 bitcoins, or nearly $2 million, with a seven-day payment deadline.

Since the deadline has passed, and their demands have not been met, the hackers have published the hacked data online which is now hugely circulating on social media. The leaked data contained information about the upcoming future projects of the developer as well as internal employee HR documents, tax information, internal company messages, computer information, termination forms, marketing budgets and even passport details.

Apart from these, Insomniac’s upcoming Wolverine project details like plot, gameplay footage, and cast details have been leaked.

Note: This copy contains spoilers

Insomniac Games’ Major Leak Unveils Future Projects, Merger Details, Wolverine Gameplay and More

According to the leak, Insomniac is developing the following six titles, with the following release dates anticipated:

  • Marvel’s Venom in Fall 2025
  • Marvel’s Wolverine in Fall 2026
  • Marvel’s Spider-Man 3 in Fall 2028
  • New Ratchet & Clank in Fall 2029
  • Marvel’s X-Men in Fall 2030
  • New IP in 2031/2032

A contract between Sony and Marvel for the development and distribution of X-Men video games, beginning with the previously stated Wolverine title, is also included in the data leak. Jim Ryan of Sony and Isaac Perlmutter of Marvel signed the agreement, which became operative in July 2021. The agreement covers three X-Men video games in total.

Wolverine Gameplay and its Details Leaked!

Until this day, Sony and Insomniac did not reveal much about Wolverine except a short teaser which announced the development of the title. But today, gamers have witnessed massive leaks of the Wolverine (PS5) game, which is rumoured to be launched in 2026.

The leaked footage shows off Wolverine’s gameplay, combats, characters, Wolverine in the iconic yellow suit, and a lot more. Check out the gallery of concept art here. As seen in the leaks, the game has nothing short of intense action and combats. Further, the entire cast and the locations in the game have been revealed.

Sony said in a statement that it had started an investigation and that no other Sony divisions had been impacted when word of the data theft initially surfaced. Neither it nor Insomniac has made any comments regarding this most recent publishing of the content.

Cyberdaily (via IGN) carried comments made by the Rhysidia organization, which stated that it had intentionally targeted Insomniac & Sony and that money was the main motive behind this attack.

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