Microsoft Could Bring Starfield and Other Xbox Exclusives to PlayStation 5

Microsoft is reportedly considering a multi-platform approach for Xbox-exclusive titles.

  • Microsoft does not want to miss out on revenue opportunities available beyond Xbox and PCs.
  • Microsoft has made additional investments in PlayStation 5 development kits.
  • Bethesda’s upcoming Indian Jones game could also land on rival platforms.

Xbox exclusive is a term that may cease to exist in the future. Microsoft is reportedly thinking about bringing Xbox-exclusive games to rival platforms including PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. The rumoured list includes some high-profile names, the biggest one being Starfield. The massive RPG from Bethesda could land on PlayStation 5 in the coming months. The sensational report is coming from XboxEra citing anonymous sources.

Starfield PlayStation 5 Release May Happen After All

Anonymous sources have told the publication that Microsoft’s top brass is considering the idea of releasing Starfield on PlayStation 5. The launch is said to happen after the Shattered Space expansion release on Xbox and PC. The expansion pack is expected to arrive later this year.

The report adds Microsoft has already made additional investments in procuring PlayStation 5 development kits. This will allow its developers to work on the PlayStation port of Xbox-exclusive titles and ensure they are ready for prime time.

This is not the first time we have heard about Xbox exclusives coming to other platforms. Sea of Thieves and Hi-Fi Rush are other titles that have previously been rumoured to land on rival platforms. It is the possibility of Starfield releasing on PlayStation that has caused shockwaves in the gaming community.

Starfield won the most innovative gameplay award at The 2023 Steam Awards.
Starfield won the most innovative gameplay award at The 2023 Steam Awards.

Starfield is officially the biggest Bethesda game launch of all time. The company had revealed it crossed 6 million players within the first week. The RPG title was released in August 2023 and is one of the Xbox flagship games.

A separate The Verge report has revealed Bethesda’s upcoming Indiana Jones and The Great Circle game could also arrive on the PlayStation 5. The game was showcased at the Xbox Developer Direct event last month. It is said to arrive on Xbox and PCs first but that would be the situation for a short period.

The reports have claimed the decision to bring Xbox-exclusive games to rival platforms has not been a straightforward one. The senior leadership at Microsoft is said to have considered both the pros and cons of such a huge decision. While there have been reservations about the decision within the company, they do not want to miss out on additional revenue opportunities available outside of Xbox and PCs.

Microsoft is expected to make an official announcement later this month. It would specifically be about Hi-Fi Rush’s release on other platforms which is scheduled for Q1 2024. As one would expect, the rumours have left Xbox fans disappointed and heartbroken but in all honesty, it was bound to happen sooner or later. Xbox-exclusive titles have always struggled in terms of sales numbers and revenue as compared to PlayStation exclusives.

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