Skyesports Announces Pokemon Unite Open for All Event with Rs 22.5 Lakh Prize Pool

Skyesports' Pokémon UNITE India Open 2022 (open-for-all event) features a massive prize pool of Rs. 22,50,000


Jet Skyesports, a popular esports tournament organizer in SEA is excited to announce its latest IP, Pokemon Unite India Open 2022 with a humongous prize pool. It is deemed to be one of the very big esports tournaments for MOBA titles in the country to date. Moreover, it is an open-for-all event, which will give grassroots players a chance to compete against the best in the country.

Pokémon Unite is a free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game that has amassed a massive following in the gaming industry, with over 70 million downloads worldwide as of April 2022. MOBA has made a resurgence in India in recent months. Recently, CCE’s AAYO Pokecon 2022 has given the Pokemon Unite’s competitive scene a massive surge.

The Pokémon UNITE India Open 2022 will have open qualifiers for teams from all throughout India. After competing in several group stages, a couple of teams will make it to the National Finals, which will be held as a LAN-line event in Mumbai in mid-December.

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Pokemon Unite India Open 2022 – Schedule, Format and More

pokemon unite
Image via Skyesports

The company announced the event earlier today and the registrations will kick off on 7 November and remain active till 18 November. Players can head to the official website of Skyesports to get themselves registered for this huge MOBA esports event.

Besides the coveted title of being the winners, the teams will fight for a humongous prize pool of Rs. 22.5 Lakhs which represents one of the biggest figures for the title in India.

The schedule and format for Pokemon Unite India Open 2022 are as follows:

Zonal Qualifiers and Zonal Finals: 19 November to 27 November

  • Open for all
  • The top four teams from each zone will then advance to the National Playoffs

National Play-Offs: 28 November to 11 December

  • Streamed Live on Skyesports YT channel
  • The top 2 teams will advance to the Finals LAN

Finally, from here the top two teams of India will battle it out for the title in an intense LAN National Finals in Mumbai later in December. The qualifiers will happen separately across six different regions of the country to ensure the maximum number of players have a chance to participate and compete. These regions are:

  • South India
  • North India
  • East India
  • West India
  • Central India
  • North East India

The Pokémon UNITE India Open 2022 LAN Finals will feature two teams to battle it out for the crown in the LAN National Finals held in Mumbai this December. The LAN conclusion will take place during the Skyesports Championship 4.0 and will be open to a live audience.

“We are working to make Pokémon UNITE a household title for Indian audiences and families. The zonal-based format will ensure maximum regional penetration and will boost participation from the grassroots level as we look to grow and support the game in the country,” says Skyesports CEO, Shiva Nandy. The company is thrilled to work with the Pokemon company to bring the biggest esports IP to the country.

The event provides a wonderful opportunity for fans of the MOBA Pokemon title to display their abilities. The open qualifiers will attract a significant number of players from around the country, with the substantial prize pool serving as a key draw. It remains to be known who will be crowned champion after the dust settles in December. Keep an eye on the official handles and website of Skyesports to know more about the event.

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