Star Wars Outlaws Release Date, Pre-Orders, and Story Trailer Released: Check Details

  • Star Wars Outlaws is set to be the first open-world Star Wars video game.
  • Star Wars Outlaws’ special edition pre-orders come with three-day early access.

Ubisoft has officially released the much-awaited Star Wars Outlaws story trailer along with the release date. The game was announced last year as the first open-world Star Wars video game. The trailer gives a good glimpse of what to expect from the game, which we already know is set between the events of The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. Let’s have a closer look at the game and what it claims to offer to Star Wars fans.

Star Wars Outlaws Release Date

Star Wars Outlaws is confirmed to be released on August 30, 2024. Fans will get three-day early access if they pre-order one of the special editions. The game will be available on PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Amazon Luna.

Star Wars Outlaws Pre-Order Details

Ubisoft has begun taking Star Wars Outlaws pre-orders across all platforms. The game has three editions: Standard, Gold, and Ultimate. All these editions come with the Kessel Runner Bonus Pack pre-order perk. This pack includes a cosmetic for your speeder and the Trailblazer starship.

The Gold and Ultimate editions include three-day early access to the game and a Season Pass. The latter will give buyers access to 2 DLCs, exclusive Jabba’s Gambit mission day one, and additional cosmetics for Kay and Nix.

Ultimate Edition buyers will also get the Rogue Infiltrator Bundle, Sabacc Shark Bundle, and a Digital Art Book.

14th Gen Intel CPU Star Wars Outlaws Bundle Details

Intel has announced a special collaboration with Ubisoft under which 14th Intel CPU buyers can get a free digital PC copy of Star Wars Outlaws. These include 14th Gen Intel Core HX-Series mobile processors and S-Series desktop processors.

The offer is valid for purchases made between April 9, 2024 and July 31, 2024. An eligible buyer will have until September 15, 2024, to redeem and download the game.

The special Star Wars Outlaws offer from Intel is applicable on new gaming laptops from the likes of Dell Alienware, Lenovo Legion, HP Omen, Acer Predator, ASUS ROG, MSI, and Razer. For Indian fans, the offer is valid only when the purchase is done via Amazon India or Flipkart.

Star Wars Outlaws Story Trailer Details

The Star Wars Outlaws story trailer introduces us to Sliro, leader of the crime syndicate Zerek Besh. He wants to make millions by taking advantage of an opportunity as The Empire is distracted by a Rebellion. Our protagonist, Kay Vess, a scoundrel for hire, finds her path cross with Sliro in a way that he is after her life.

Kay meets Jaylen Vrax, who tells her the only way to regain her freedom is to steal Sliro’s fortune. This is when things get crazy as the trailer shows you different beautiful locations around the galaxy. Since Star Wars Outlaws has an open-world element, players can explore these planets and locations as and when they want.