Global Esports Crowned Champions of BGMI Masters Series, Beats Godlike by 4 Points

Global Esports has won the BGMI Masters Series 2022 and received Rs 25 Lakh Prize Money. Godlike fell short by four points on the overall points table and thus lost the title.


BGMI Masters Series has come to an end successfully with the fifth day of Grand Finals. The final day has been a nail-biting one for the audience where unexpected changes have taken place on the points table compared to the fourth day. Global Esports, in a drastic turn of events, has become the champions of Nodwins’ Battlegrounds Mobile Masters Series. Their comeback to the top position is exceptional and it surprised everyone. The team secured 201 points and 100 finishes and dethroned Godlike who was in the No.1 position prior to the last match to clinch the ultimate glory of the championship.

Godlike Esports who seemed the champions from Day 1 has lost the championship title trophy to Globals Esport and they just fell short by 4 points which cost them the #1 position. It is disheartening for the Godlike players and their fans, but they were the first runner-ups for the event and won Rs 12 Lakh Prize Money along with the runner-up trophy. Jonathan became the MVP of the tournament.

Orangutan Gaming secured the third position on the overall points table and won Rs. 7 lakh as well the second runner-up trophy. The team accumulated a total of 192 points to cease the third position on the overall leaderboards and they received an award for securing the most number of chicken dinners in the event. Enigma Forever secured the fourth position with 191 points while Skylightz Gaming ended up in the fifth position with 169 points. Soul secured the sixth position followed by Chemin esports and Insane Esports.

BGMI Masters Series (BGMS) Grand Finals Day 5 Overall Standings

bgms finals
Image via Nodwin Gaming, Loco

The first match was claimed by Team Enigma Forever with a total of 12 eliminations. They eliminated Team Skylightz Gaming in the final fight to claim their win. This win has helped the team to dethrone Orangutan Gaming and claim their second position in the overall standings. Godlike added 14 points from this match by finishing at the third position with 6 elimination points. But, TEF had a huge boost with a 12-kill CD in this match.

bgms winner
Image via Nodwin Gaming, Loco

Blind Esports had won the second match that was played on the rainforest map, Sanhok. 8bit also played well in this match but got unlucky with the blue zone and ultimately lost the win to Blind. They secured 9 finishes in this match and Deadpool from Blind Esports had become the MVP with his 6 frags. Team Soul and Godlike were eliminated early in this match with 3 and 2 kills respectively. Team Enigma Forever secured the third position with 4 kills in this match.

Global Esports won the third match that was played on Miramar and the team secured eight finishes. They eliminated Orangutan Gaming at the second position who had four kills under their name. FS Esports was defeated by Orangutan at the third position. Godlike and Enigma Forever eliminated early with 1 and 3 finishes respectively. Soul had lost 2 players early in the match and got out from the run early in the match.

This match made Orangutans come back to the second position on the overall leaderboards and they were followed by Enigma Forever in the third position with the same number of points. Global Esports with their 8-kill CD climbed up to the fourth position. There is not a bigger difference between the top 4 teams and the top four teams were in the run for the ultimate glory and trophy on TV.

The final match of the day was won by OR Esports with a total of 11 finishes. Skylightz Gaming got #2 in this match. Global Esports was eliminated in the third position with 10 finish points. Team XO secured 11 finishes while 8-bit Esports and Enigma Forever took 7 kills each. Global Esports’ third place with 10 finishes has made them skyrocket to the top from the fourth place, snatched the top place and ultimately won the tournament.

BGMI Masters Series Grand Finals Additional Rewards

  1. Eliminator – Soul Goblin – 38 finishes
  2. Cruiser – Chemin Robin – 50.84 KM
  3. Motorhead – Orangutan Ash – 132.02 KM
  4. Doctor – Chemin Destro – 7519 heals
  5. Saviour – Soul Hector – 15 Revives
  6. Damager – Godlike Jonathan – 8163 damage
  7. Dost – Global Esports Nakul – 22

Prize Pool Distribution

A prize pool of Rs 2 Crore is distributed among the teams and players as follows. The list includes both the League Stage and the Finals Prize Money Rewards:

  • Global Esports – Rs 26,60,000
  • Godlike Esports – Rs 15,00,000
  • Orangutan Gaming – Rs 10,55,000
  • Team Enigma Forever – Rs 7,35,000
  • Skylightz Gaming – Rs 9,80,000
  • Team Soul – Rs 6,50,000
  • Chemin Esports – Rs 5,70,000
  • Team iNSANE – Rs 5,70,000
  • Enigma Gaming – Rs 7,25,000
  • Team XO – Rs 8,50,000
  • OR Esports – Rs 5,25,000
  • Team 8-Bit – Rs 4,20,000
  • Blind Esports – Rs 3,80,000
  • Nigma Galaxy – Rs 4,50,000
  • FS Esports – Rs 3,40,000
  • Revenant Esports – Rs 3,20,000
  • Team X Spark – Rs 1,70,000
  • Rivalry Esports – Rs 1,60,000
  • Marcos Gaming – Rs 1,65,000
  • 7 Sea Esports – Rs 1,50,000
  • R Esports – Rs 1,25,000
  • TSM – Rs 1,40,000
  • Hyderabad Hydras – Rs 1,05,000
  • Hydra Official – Rs 1,05,000