Google App, Discover Feed on Android Phones Keep Crashing After New Update: How to Fix

Let’s take a look at more details on the Google app crash and how to fix it.


Google app services are reportedly not working for several users. The Google app crashes immediately whenever one opens it or runs in the background. Users are experiencing the issue after updating the app to its latest version – Users on Reddit are reporting that the device is stuck in a loop due to the crash. The issue is not limited to just Pixel phones as even other devices running Android are experiencing inconsistent app services. Some users are reporting that the Google Assistant and Google Lens apps are also not working. Let’s take a look at more details on the Google app crash and how to fix it.

Google App Crashing Following The Latest Update

Users on Reddit are reporting that the Google App is crashing following the new update. The issue also exists on other apps like Lens and Assistant. 

A Reddit user stated that their Google app started crashing after they updated the app to the latest version. Users are also unable to swipe up to the discover feed due to the issue. It is not limited to the Google app as even other services like Google Assistant, Lens are not working for some users.

Most users highlighting the issue under the original thread are Pixel smartphone users. However, one of our Nokia devices running stock Android 10 is also experiencing the issue. Our OnePlus 9 running Oxygen OS 11 is also showing the crash error message. 

Fortunately, there is a way to fix this until Google rolls out an update patch. Users can go to the Apps section in the device Settings and search for Google. Next, tap on stop/ disable or Force Stop. This is a temporary fix and users are advised to not update to the version until Google officially fixes this issue. 

The company has not acknowledged the issue at the time of writing this. Meanwhile, you can downgrade to the previous version to continue using the affected Google apps.