Google Bard Advanced Confirmed to Come With a Subscription Model

Google has not confirmed the cost or specifics about a release date for the Bard Advanced.

  • Google Bard Advanced model is confirmed to come with a subscription model.
  • The company confirmed the details in its Q4 2023 earnings announcement.
  • The Bard Advanced will run on Google’s more powerful Gemini Ultra AI model.

Google Bard Advanced will not be free and will come with a subscription model. The company made the latest announcement in its fourth-quarter earnings for 2023 in a livestream on YouTube.

According to the report, Google crossed $15 billion in revenue annually across the globe through its subscriptions across products and services. Now the company has plans to expand the subscription revenue further with a paid subscription model for its most advanced Google Bard tier. Google announced the Assistant with Bard for Android and iOS last year with Gemini Pro, which is free to use. Lets’s take a look at the latest announcement regarding the Bard Advanced subscription model.

Google Bard Advanced Will Not Be Free For Users

Google Bard Advanced will not be free.
Google Bard Advanced will not be free.

Google has announced that the Google Bard Advanced with Gemini Ultra will not be free to use, unlike the current Bard with Gemini Pro, which is free to use. Notably, Google announced the Gemini AI model as its largest and most capable AI model available in three tiers – Pro, Gemini, and Nano.

Ultra is meant for highly complex tasks, Pro is designed to scale across a wide range of tasks, and Nano is meant for on-device tasks.

As of now, the Gemini Pro is being offered to Bard users and Gemini Nano is available on the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro smartphones. As mentioned before, both these Gemini AI tiers are free to users. However, the Bard Advanced with Gemini Ultra at its core will require users to pay for features to perform highly complex AI tasks.

The Gemini Ultra is designed to bring more advanced maths and reasoning skills to Bard. These include Motoko for creating user bots, a potential “power-up” for AI-enhanced prompts, a speculated “Gallery” section, and a new “tasks” tab. Its’s clear that the Bard Advanced will be much more powerful than the Bard in its current state with Gemini Pro and Nano.

Google has not revealed the specifics of the subscription price or when the Bard Advance will roll out. However, there were rumours earlier this year that the company might bundle the Bard Advanced with Google One subscription. Notably, Google offers four Google One plans in India. These include 15Gb free plan, 100GB Basic plan, 200GB Standard plan, and 2TB Premium plan. These plans are priced at Rs 130, Rs 210, and Rs 650 for Basic, Standard, and Premium, respectively.