Google Could Soon Bring Gemini To Headphones, Reveals APK Teardown

Gemini's powerful AI features may soon be accessible directly in your wireless earbuds

  • Google is working on bringing Gemini AI to headphones.
  • The company could soon expand its powerful AI chatbot to other smart home devices.
  • Samsung has also introduced its Galaxy AI to its Galaxy Buds, with an OTA update.

After a lot of Gemini-related announcements, Google is planning another update, which will bring Gemini to headphones. This is as per the latest beta version of the Google app.

In an APK teardown conducted by 9To5Google of the Google App beta 15.6 version, a string function has been spotted that says “Gemini mobile app is working on expanding availability to make it accessible on your headphones.” This snippet divulges Google’s upcoming plans for its Gemini AI project.

Currently, smart headphones like the Pixel Buds and others trigger the Google Assistant even if you have Gemini installed on your smartphone. While the standard Assistant is more than capable of helping users with regular tasks, Gemini’s AI prowess will take it further steps ahead.

For those who don’t know, Google recently renamed its AI chatbot from Bard to Gemini and also launched a paid subscription with advanced features. Gemini AI is currently available on desktop and Android, and it also replaces the Google Assistant on compatible smartphones.

As of now, Google has not shared any official plans to bring Gemini to headphones or other smart accessories like Google Home devices. The company’s main focus is the widespread rollout of Gemini to Android and iOS devices. Google is also working to bring the AI chatbot to iPhones and iPads via the native Google App.

That said, Samsung has also started work on bringing AI to earbuds. The company has introduced Galaxy AI features on its Galaxy Buds. The update enables features like live translation and interpretation directly inside the earbuds if the user has a Galaxy S24 Series smartphone. It also supports two-way conversations in real-time with the translation feature enabled.

galaxy buds gets Galaxy AI

As wearables reach the saturation point in terms of design and other aspects, the introduction of AI on earbuds, smartwatches and other gadgets has the potential to make these accessories even more productive. Google, Samsung, and even Microsoft have already jumped on the AI bandwagon, which sets all eyes on Apple for their next big AI-centric moves with the upcoming iOS 18 version.