Google Developing an ‘Advanced’ Edition of Bard, But You Will Have to Pay For it

Google appears to be exploring new ground with an upgraded Bard called "Bard Advanced."

  • Google is working on a paid version of Bard called “Bard Advanced.”
  • The upgrade involves replacing Bard’s current engine, Gemini Pro, with a more sophisticated one called Gemini Ultra, that incorporates advanced maths and reasoning skills.
  • Additional features in the works include Motoko for creating user bots, a potential “power-up” for AI-enhanced prompts, a speculated “Gallery” section, and a new “tasks” tab.

Google seems to be cooking up a new version of Bard called “Bard Advanced.” But here’s the catch – it won’t come for free. According to developer Dylan Roussel’s posts on X (previously Twitter), this upgraded Bard will require a subscription to Google One.

The upgrade involves swapping out Bard’s current engine, Gemini Pro, for a more powerful one called Gemini Ultra, part of Google’s new large language model (LLM). Roussel says this would bring more advanced maths and reasoning skills to Bard’s paid version. Roussel also spilled the beans on a potential game-changer called Motoko, a feature that might let users create their own bots. The catch here is whether users can share these bots freely or if there’s a price tag attached – a question that remains unanswered for now.

Roussel also discovered a possible “power-up” feature. This feature uses AI to improve the prompts given to Bard. There’s also talk about a “Gallery” section, speculated to allow users to explore different topics and test Bard’s capabilities. Other tweaks include a new “tasks” tab to help keep tabs on Bard’s longer tasks, like creating images and the ability to add custom backgrounds to shared Bard prompts.

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Nevertheless, it’s essential to bear in mind that these discounted rates are applicable for three months only. Following this promotional period, users will be required to pay the regular price for these subscription plans.