Google May Soon Offer Satellite SOS Connectivity for Pixel Smartphones

  • The new Satellite SOS feature is accessible within the Settings menu.
  • The feature will perform similarly to the satellite connectivity found on iPhones.

Google is testing Satellite SOS connectivity for Pixel smartphones around the world. The feature was spotted on many Pixel smartphones, including the budget Pixel 6A smartphone and 9to5Google has accessed a sneak preview of the functionality of upcoming satellite connectivity.

Previously, Apple introduced satellite connectivity for smartphones with the launch of their iPhone 14 series.

How to access Satellite SOS connectivity

To try this new feature on your Pixel smartphone, head over to Settings > Safety and Emergency > Satellite SOS.

Google Pixel SOS Connectivity

While the new feature was available in the settings for us, it didn’t work as intended, suggesting that the Satellite SOS connectivity feature is still under development.

9to5Google was able to dive into the feature with the help of a rooted Pixel smartphone.

The newly added feature greets Pixel smartphones with the following message: “With your Pixel, you can message with emergency services and share your location when you can’t connect to a mobile or Wi-Fi network.”

There’s also a handy little feature description in the settings. It mentions that Pixel users will be able to call or text emergency services when they don’t have a mobile network. Google adds that users can also share their location using Google Maps and answer questions regarding emergencies, which would be sent to emergency services to obtain the right services.

There’s also a mention of Garmin Search and Rescue insurance plans when you access the settings.

Everything else we know so far

No smartphones in India curerently support satellite connectivity owing to the restrictions imposed by the Government of India. Apple has also limited the use of satellite connectivity for its users in the US and Canada.

Google will also add an option that allows users to review what kind of information will be shared with emergency services. The Pixel smartphones will also be able to share their information from their Google accounts with three emergency contacts.

Google reiterates the list of information that will be sent to emergency services in a footnote.

When you connect with emergency services by satellite, your name, email, phone number, location, device information (IMEI, language, model, battery level), and emergency information are share with emergency services and satellite service providers.

Google is expected to roll out satellite connectivity for Pixel smartphone users in the upcoming months to other countries, and its India availability is currently unknown. The search engine giant also added a page that will display the countries that support satellite connectivity, which is yet to go live.